One Room Challenge | Reveal Week!

Here we go, Week Six of the One Room Challenge…the reveal!  I participated in the six-week design challenge to prepare five separate living areas around our new pool for summer.  So far, it all has been a wonderful dream:
www.tphblog.comWhile not ideal, we had to build the pool on the side yard due to lot restrictions.  But this location offers beautiful views.  This is where we were in January, right before pool construction began.www.tphblog.comAnd, now we are enjoying this previously neglected space as much as we can.  As you come down the stairs from the front yard, there is a dining space to the left.  Chris, who helps us in all things house and home, built the 12-foot buffet/storage unit.www.tphblog.comThe table is from Restoration Hardware and the chairs are from CB2.  Lanterns are from Pier 1 and Target.  The faux bois lamps are vintage.www.tphblog.comThe buffet is essentially two large pull-out bins on casters.  The bins hold pool equipment, toys, goggles, and sunscreen.IMG_0543www.tphblog.comNext to the dining area is the fire pit.  Oh, man, I love this thing!  Romantic Ambience Maker.
www.tphblog.comThe sofas, so comfy, are from CB2, the chairs and planters are from Home Goods, and pillows are from Target.www.tphblog.comOh, dear, where is my stylist??  I should have thrown a tray with some drinks and towel just so in these pics.  At least put a throw over a chair!  Amateur.  www.tphblog.comwww.tphblog.comBeyond the fire pit is the focal point of the pool, the beloved daybed, that Chris built.www.tphblog.comThis is the spot to rest.  I had my first nap in it yesterday while dinner simmered on the stove.  My husband came home from work to find me snoozing away…”I promise I worked hard today!  It was just a little rest!”  The temptations of working from home.www.tphblog.comThe outdoor curtains are from Ballard Designs.  The Sunbrella outdoor mattress is from Low Country Swing Beds.www.tphblog.comThe mirror is from Target.  The large black and white pillows are from Cozy Days–they make many sizes of outdoor pillows, even really big ones.  The patterned pillows are Restoration Hardware–I found them at the outlet.www.tphblog.comThe trees, the trees!  The green is so lush…but I’m nervous about our first fall with the pool.  We will be doing a lot of leaf scooping!
www.tphblog.comPots are from Antiques & Beyond in www.tphblog.comI love these sleek lounge chairs from CB2.  Pillow are from Target–not outdoor, but I store them when it rains.  Wicker tables are from Home Goods…these I’d like to switch out for wooden ones that Chris would build.  Maybe later this summer.  We also have an umbrella for this sunny spot.www.tphblog.comAround to the back of the house is the final living area we tackled on this project.www.tphblog.comTo make the patio under our deck user friendly, we had an under decking waterproof system installed.  I chose the brown color way for the ceiling runners to seamlessly tie into the color of the upper deck flooring material.  We have yet to hook up the electrical in this spot for the overhead lights, so please excuse the wiring hanging down from the crown molding.www.tphblog.comChris built the TV stand and the two black storage cabinets.  One is configured inside to hold pool floats and cushions from the fire pit sofa.  The other cabinet holds the lamps and pillows in inclement weather.  I LOVE how these cabinets turned out!www.tphblog.comThe vintage white chairs are from a Parker Kennedy Living tag sale at their new Governor’s Mansion in Commerce, Georgia.  I had cushions made for these.  The sofa and coffee table are Restoration Hardware.  Pillows are from Home Goods.  The white side tables are vintage from Decades www.tphblog.comMy studio overlooks this space so it is so very nice to have a pretty view to look over now.www.tphblog.comThis project, from pool building to finishing touches, really went quite smoothly.  Many thank yous to our pool company, Juan and his landscape crew, and Chris for all the furniture.  The space has been a huge blessing to our family…daily swims, dinner by the pool, evenings by the fire.  It feels so luxurious and undeserving.  It is my hope that we can share the space and hospitality as much as possible.

So if you are looking for me, it is likely you will find me prematurely aging by the pool!

Thank you to Linda of Calling It Home and House Beautiful for hosting another round of the One Room Challenge–always fun!  Check out the AMAZING spaces revealed by the featured designers yesterday.  And there is a whole long list of talented participants to check out today.  Thank you for stopping by here!

One Room Challenge | Week Five

Hi, friends, it’s just one more week until the reveals for the One Room Challenge, and I think we might make it!

We have been working on the outdoor spaces around our new pool.  Unlike the inside of our house, the outdoor spaces are going to be neutral, with the color coming from the foliage and sky.

Chris is moving right along on the custom patio furniture.  I’m loving the two built-in storage units.  These will be used for storing pool equipment and cushions and pillows during inclement weather:patio

Here is a peek at the sofa and coffee table:

patioI’m still waiting on the daybed pillows.  And, there are no plants in the pots yet.  But it will all magically come together, I know it!

So…I’ll see you next week for the reveal!  Let’s hope I get some pretty weather for the photos.

Thank you to Linda of Calling it Home and media sponsor House Beautiful for this fun event.  Check out the Week Five of the featured designers here and the participants, too.  Cheers!

One Room Challenge | Week Four

Hey, y’all, I’m sorry that I have a lame One Room Challenge post for you this week.  I was in a car accident yesterday in which my car was totaled.  I’m fine, just a few aches, and the other people involved are fine– gratefulness all around.  But, yeah, so scary and the day didn’t go as planned, needless to say.lamp

In happier news, last Saturday evening we had four families from church over for our first official pool gathering–even though the space isn’t finished.  We couldn’t wait!  As the sun was setting, it was so nice to sit around the fire and chat while the kids played in the pool.  The new buffet/storage unit worked great for lighting and plugging in the coffeemaker for poolside service.  The faux bois lamp is one of a pair I found at a gas station years ago in the mountains.  They still had the tiered fiberglass, whipstitched lampshades and JC Penney’s tags on them.  The large lantern is from Target, as are the faux candles; and the pyramid lantern is from Pier 1.

I can’t wait to show you the whole buffet and how it works.  And, the day bed is now finished–oh my goodness, it is hard to pry me out of it once I snuggle in.  We are just awaiting the pillows that are on special order.

Other developments in the last week include the dining table and sofa delivery and stepping stones installed from our front door to the pool area.

The off-and-on rainy weather we’ve been having may delay the rest of the furniture building–so the patio under the deck may not make the deadline.  But maybe we’ll get lucky with some sunshine.  Really the only thing left for me to do is pick up plants for all the planters so the main pool area will be ready for the reveal in two short weeks!  Now if I can just get the carpenter bees to quit drilling my wood furniture and the birds to stop pooping on the pillows…the challenges of decorating outdoors!

The One Room Challenge featured designers and guest participants are all trucking along!  Thank you to Linda and House Beautiful for the event.

One Room Challenge | Week Three

Week Three of the One Room Challenge is on!  I’m tackling our new outdoor living spaces as an ORC guest participant–you can see the before here.  There are five furniture zones to furnish, and almost all the pieces are in or scheduled for delivery…so hopefully it will all be done by Week Six.

I’m moving on to the small decorative pieces…pillows, lanterns, pillows, and pillows!  Obsessing a little maybe, I am, on the pillows.  So far I have collected these from Target, for the loungers and fire pit sofas.  They are not outdoor specific pillows, but I plan on storing them when not in use.  Plus, if they breakdown prematurely, I can restock for next year since they are inexpensive.

These fun drippy pots are from Antiques & Beyond in Atlanta.  A little painterly nod.

I’m considering these stools, from Home Goods, for tables by the loungers.  I’m just afraid everything is going to be too patterned.  The daybed is black and white stripe, which I’m now regretting.  I wish I had stuck with the solid black I originally planned.  Ugh, lessons learned!IMG_0489The brick wall surrounding the pool received a new coat of paint this week, just to freshen up after the construction of the pool.  Chris is trucking along on the custom furniture.  He is almost done with the daybed and the buffet.  Here is a progress shot of the buffet, the sides and top:IMG_0491Inside will fit two bins to hold pool toys and pillows.  Here are the bins, getting their whitewash finish:IMG_0483The bins glide out easily on casters.  I think I’m going to love this storage solution!

Other finds in the last week, a coffee table from RH Outlet and a metal side table from Decades Antiques in Atlanta:

IMG_0492I am considering powder coating the little sculptural side table, but most likely it will stay white.  These pieces will go on the patio under the deck.  Also under the deck will be a pair of these chairs:IMG_0494I bought them at the Parker-Kennedy sale at their new Governor’s Mansion in Commerce.  I love the pill-shape detail on the back and sides–and they are vintage, too!

Meanwhile, I am hustling to get commissioned paintings finished before school lets out for the summer.  It has been a full spring!

While the spaces are nowhere near finished–no plants in pots, no table at which to dine–we are hosting our first pool get-together this weekend.  Can’t wait!  Before everyone arrives, I will need to clean all the good, Southern pollen off every single surface.  It is unstoppable.  This dusting of pollen is one week of the coffee table sitting under the deck:IMG_0495Yuck.

Anyway, there is a lot of talent out there!  Check out the featured designers and guest participants.  The amount of money and man hours spent collectively on this challenge is CRAZY!  Thank you again to Linda for hosting and House Beautiful as media sponsor!

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