What I Learned From Apartment Therapy

Did you know our guest bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy last week?  It took me almost a week to discover…I guess because I was gallivanting all over Texas with my family.

The Guest Room:  Look away!  It’s hideous!

I learned two things from being featured on Apartment Therapy:

  1. Rude people hate window valances with a hatred like it is their 6-figure job with eight weeks paid vacation and a boutique health care plan and free Frappuccinos and weekly reflexology.
  2. Rude people hate buffalo check aka gingham aka the scourge of humanity.  Couple it with a valance and then blood boils until it erupts from their pores like a million tiny Mt. Vesuviuses.  It’s messy, people.

To be clear, some polite people do not like checks or valances or checks on valances; but they had a good mama who taught them to either “find the good in everything” or “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Before we go any further, thank you to those who left a positive comment.

Knowing Apartment Therapy is notorious for it’s negative commenters, I hesitated whether I should read them or not; but I did.  I wasn’t really miffed at the negative comments as much as validated by them.  The infamous negative commenter is usually (but not always) lacking in the finer sophistications and nuances of the subject at hand or the commenter is knowledgable but just mean–but the commenters on the AT post seem to be the former. So, that didn’t really bother me.  I mean, we don’t all have to like the same thing, but checks and valances are classic, love ’em or hate ’em.  I happen to love them.

The ridiculousness of these comments is summed up nicely in one commenter who I’ll paraphrase as “lose the fabric and valance and then I’ll really like the room.”  Yeah, but then I won’t, and it’s my room.

Ultimately I’m just left with disappointment in my fellow humans and interior lovers.  Lookie, Apartment Therapy linked to my blog, I will see their post, and read those comments.  I’m not imaginary.  Would those people say that to my face?  Also, I discovered this post on a day when I was sifting through some pretty heavy life stuff (you know that reality stuff that happens behind the pretty pictures), so all that negativity steaming up from those comments was really the cherry on top of my crap cake that day.

I guess I’m just old school when it comes to being nice.  I like nice people–and if you’re funny, that’s a bonus.  We have enough junk in our lives that we don’t have to go around dumping frowns and meanie beanies all over the place.  Especially about curtains!  Cancer, now that’s something to get ticked over.

May I ask that if you take the time to go over and see the post at Apartment Therapy that you leave a nice comment?  Not one that chastises the meanies–just something nice.  And if you don’t like my guest room but you want to improve AT one positive comment at a time, then may I suggest “I love cake” or “Kittens are soft”?

Let’s go forth and encourage.

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