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I’m just going around minding my own business, when, wham, I find myself on the beautiful blog Bijou & Boheme.  Christine has such a sophisticated approach to design that I love but know in my heart of hearts I will never achieve in this clown life I lead.  So I look at her beautiful work and design boards to fulfill my appetite for the finer things.  That my toilet paper, laundry, and my smelly-Nike-cap self made it into a post featuring more refined folks than myself is such an honor. (Have you seen Christine’s new chic new blog design?)

And, then, my gorgeous and sweet-to-the-core friend Darlene goes and smacks a link to my house on Fieldstone Hill Design.  She says words about me that I don’t believe I deserve, but she always seems to know when I need a pep talk when it comes to making design choices.  Always.  Have you seen her sons’ charming bedroom reveal on her blog?  Does your son’s room have 200-year-old stone walls?  No?  Neither does mine.  But Darlene’s boys do.  Please go look!


Boys' room at

The interest the new house design has generated certainly cheers a reno-weary girl.  Without time to blog or hang out with friends in real life because of the massive amount of work this house has been, it has been kinda lonely to exist in the middle of a million and one design decisions by myself.  Instagram totally helped me connect in a small way with like-minded humans during the remodeling process, where I could receive encouragement and inspiration–especially on the bad days.  Which were many.  So thank you to those who have cheered me on from the beginning on Instagram, to those who have just joined me in the journey, and those who have spent their blog time celebrating our new home.  Means the world!

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  1. “and holy moly, she’s literally created my dream house in a nutshell…every single detail is perfection… ” NOW THAT IS A COMPLIMENT! Revel in that! It’s fun to see and hear how much joy your creativity brings so many people. :)

  2. another long overdue thank you from your friend {dar}: thank you so much for the link love, my wonderful, talented artist/designer friend ;)
    And yes yes about Christine. She is amazingness. And wise too: “every single detail IS perfection!”

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