TPH Luv List of 2012

Before we get too far into 2013, I wanted to list some of my favorites from 2012.

Christine at Bijou and Boheme:

She finally revealed her gorgeous kitchen, and by gorgeous I mean it’s like living in a Will Cotton painting.  My kitchen in heaven someday.  She did it for all us girls who want to live in a pink house but can’t.

And her recently-finished daughter’s room is sweet sophistication.  If you are in the market for a nursery like Christine, you’ll love her Baby, Baby, Baby nursery design board series done by a handful of her talented blog friends.

Heather at Creative Devolution:

She is a comedic iPad drawing whiz and she makes awesome things like a burlap tree as a wedding decoration, for real!  While you are at her blog, please read about her elderly friend May.  It is the type of amazing, coincidental, sentimental stories that I melt over.

Christina at Full House:

Christina has bought a new house and has embarked on the most anticipated house remodel…of my life.  Seriously, I am awaiting the completion like it is Christmas morning and I’m getting the fountain of youth from Santa.  Knowing her it is going to be good.  Here is her boys’ bunkroom in progress.

Rhoda at Southern Hospitality, her dining room before and after:

I had the pleasure of getting to know Rhoda better since she has moved back to Atlanta.  Her move back is a painful story that has had a happy ending.  After living with her parents to recharge herself for a bit, she bought a fixer-upper and DIYed it to cozy completion with her 80something-year-old dad!  I popped in on Rhoda one day and was so moved by the tour of her house–it just embodies resolve, grace, perseverance, love, family, and home.  You can find her progress posts and before and afters at Southern Hospitality.

Edie at Life in Grace:

I loved reading her 30 Days to a Heart of Hospitality series–good stuff.  And she is working on turning it into an ebook!  It is not just recipes and table settings, she also digs deep into the philosophy of hospitality that is so inspiring–that’s just what Edie does perfectly.

And while we’re at it, I love her [sultry] master bedroom!

Darlene of Fieldstone Hill Design:

Darlene pinpoints all the challenges that paralyze us in decorating in her series How to Overcome Decorating Paralysis.  As always, she is insightful, practical, and motivating.  

She revealed her luxe yet cozy living room in her beautiful historic stone house.  And, she started {this is beautiful} Master Designer Pinboard that is chockfull of beautiful inspirational images that just confirms the socks off me that there is a God.  Nature…whoa.  Lots of cool chicks contribute to it, too.

Susie at Maddie G Designs:

She found the bedside tables on one my posts about Asheville antique store finds!  I love how she gussied them up for her daughter’s room.

Ally’s ever-changing interiors at From the Right Bank:

 Ally added a stunning gallery wall to her dining room last year.  That girl always keeps it klassy.  And she is promising more post on her house projects in 2013, yea!

And, finally, all the hardworking designers and artists who worked on the 2012 Room Service project:

Sherry Hart had a room of epic proportions that she finished handsomely for the boys.  And in 2012 Sherry also helped whip my house into shape to reach some of my own 2012 decorating goals–forever grateful for her expertise!

Now on to more good stuff in 2013!

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