Toy Joy!

Thank you for existing Toy Joy.

What a nice way to top off a day in Austin.  It was sunny when we arrived and nightfall when we left.  You are that good, Toy Joy.

C’mere and dance with me you creamy topped vegan cone in tights and charming elf shoes.  I’m gonna lick yo’ face.

The kids were so distracted by the explosion of plastic wonder that they didn’t even see the stash I had at the register.  Christmas gifts.  I am a sneaky one.

Toy Joy

2900 Guadalupe St.

Austin, TX 78705


  1. Wow! That looks like some kind of fun! Thanks for sharing–have a great weekend!

  2. Renee says:

    I took my daughter there about a month ago. The Hello Kitty collection just about did her in! She is 3.5 and I had to peeeeeeel her out of there.
    My husband drank TWO bubble teas while we were there.
    Way Austin! Way cool!

  3. That place looks like sooo much fun! These are fabulous photos and your kids are so adorable! Looks like you had a lovely little trip- daytrips are my favourite!! xo

  4. Just as I was feel home/austin sick… toy joy on my computer screen!! Thanks 🙂

  5. Wow! That’s all I can say!

  6. Peggy says:

    Love the big smiles on the kids! Fun day we had there!

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