The Studio 13

“Will there be naked people there?”

I mean, it is a reasonable question, right?

We were headed on a field trip to the High Museum to see the modern exhibit Fast Forward, and the one thing on my daughter’s mind was whether naked people would be there or not.  It is a common question from them: why are there so many naked people in art?


While at the studio recently, I decided to do my own naked people inventory…because, what else was I to do there, paint?

If I ever serve you a cup of coffee in this cup, beware!  Your cup of joe about a third down will turn into a…


…cup of joes! Tally so far: 3 naked people.


My friend bought this for me in Norway.  I guess for her naked men swirling in a coffee cup equates perfect birthday gift for Angela.  I find this hysterical, with a side of squirm that the men look like Dr. Oz.  Anyway…


The torso, with all the superfluous stuff cut off, is my most exquisite naked specimen.  I guess the skeleton counts, too–no clothes, skin, or muscles?  Tally so far: 5


I found this intaglio at Scott Antique Market (coincidentally from the same dealer who sold me the torso, just a year apart…here comes the lady who likes naked ladies).  Four ladies crammed in that frame brings the tally to 9.


The mannequin legs on a visit to the studio make the tally 10.  Hey, let me introduce you to the torso…I think you two would make a great pair.


That orange canvas in the back has a sketch of the torso, 11.


How stiff are your rules here?  Do internal organs count?  Okay, good, then we’re up to 12.

IMG_3076 Almost naked…12 1/2.

IMG_3080Okay, I cheated here with the cropping.  She has on a strapless dress so we’ll just round up to 13.

Thirteen naked people…and then it was back to painting again.  Sometimes a girl just needs to take a break.

IMG_3070 Back to the High, art didn’t disappoint, there were naked people.  But the most spellbinding visual was Sarah Sze’s installation.  The fact that my children didn’t knock it over:  more amazing than a studioful of naked people.

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