The Loft: Sold!

This was the photo I took as I headed out the loft door for the last time.


Man, I miss that place!

The space was an empty and wide open when we bought it in 2011.


See that drywall patch on the brick wall?  The massive antique bar mirror would eventually conceal that spot.

So when we decided (uh, really, when I decided I was mentally prepared to part with it) to list the loft, it happened to coincide with a trip we had scheduled to Texas.  The listing went live on Thursday, we left for Texas on Friday, and by Saturday we had to tell all showing agents to hold all offers until Monday at noon when we would review the highest and best offers.  We were blown away.  Totally unexpected.


And that is how I found myself in a Texas waterpark standing barefoot in mysterious water managing a bidding war with our agent in Georgia.


There was one offer who wanted to buy the place completely furnished, down to the last detail.  I was flattered.  But, really, the response to the place overall was a huge ego boost for me.  The space had been highly personalized for me, and I loved knowing so many people wanted it even still.  And, just like that, it was sold and gone.

IMG_0749I hope you will come back and see how this place shaped up to be a beloved painting retreat.  I have posted about the bathroom before.  Neon pink–I miss that bathroom!


Take a tour of the loft:

The Loft Bedroom

The Loft Bathroom

The Loft Living & Dining

The Loft Bunkroom

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  1. Solid proof that you do it up right my friend!

  2. Just found your blog and I can totally relate to your feelings. We sold our loft too last year. Was surprised by the overwhelming offers, and it was kind of bitter sweet to leave a place where you put so much love. I’m sure you will build more beautiful memories at your new home!

  3. Lucky me, lucky me. So I guess the got the mirror? Lucky them, lucky then.

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