The Kitchen | Almost Done!

If you were to come over right now, I’d say, “You gotta come see how the kitchen is coming along!”  And, I’d pull you by the hand–after an awkwardly long hug–to the kitchen to see what Chris has done.  “Oh, you’re just in time for pistachio cracking!  Gather round the trash can and have a few!”

Can I tell you how much I love that marble?  I stare at it throughout the day.  If you were here, you would be subjected to an hours-long monologue about the changes going on in the house, decisions yet to be made, and other earth-shattering things.  No, you can’t get a word in edgewise.

Next time I’ll take photos earlier in the day so you can see the beautiful inky blue of the cabinets.  The color combined with the hardware and the sparkly chandelier make me feel like I’m in a butler’s pantry.  (Note to self:  get a butler.)

So, I’ve decided to keep the parsons chairs and do a patterned slipcover.  This yellow one is in the running.  I’ve had the bench for almost two years–that Chris made–and have never painted or finished it.  (He made it a little taller for the kids so they don’t have to sit on their knees to reach the table.)  Now the dilemma is what to get to replace the white IKEA chairs?  Sherry and I have mulled over lots of options.  I want to keep something modern here to make sure the room doesn’t tip too traditional.  Doing another bench is an option.  I just don’t know!

Did you see that I stripped the orange paint off the table and painted the legs?  Doesn’t it always happen like this:  it’s 3 pm and I’m staring at an orange table and no one get in my way ’cause I’ve decided NOW is the time to strip and sand.  Make your own dinner.

I’m dreaming up a painting for that wall.

I just couldn’t wait for the kitchen to be finished to put up my freaking jars of beans.

We’re not neglecting the rest of the house.  There are lots of things to finish and make the house finally feel cohesive–lovely fabrics will be cherries on top.

I haven’t shown you the sofa I found last year and had recovered–after I moved the curved sofa to the dining room.  It’s a good story and lesson in reupholstery…another blog post with before shots!  Sherry motivated me to get this massive seagrass rug (17×10.5!)–that has been on my to-do list for a while.  It dramatically changed the room–even with all the furniture that needs paint and fabric.  Just another reminder to me how important layers are.

The little cane chair came from a little resale shop–just happened to be the same color as the sofa, ugh.  But I’ll paint it soon.

The space age light now hangs in the dining room.  It’s crazy and is taking some getting used to.  All my mid-century accessories were having a business meeting when I took this shot.

Grout, globe lights, and shelves will be up soon.  Stay tuned!

We’re McLovin’ it!


  1. I almost feel like I was there! I don’t even know where to start… The cabinets with those pulls! Holy Goodness! The tiled wall and window….spectacular. The pillow fabric…yes…might be using it myself, thank you. And the chandelier…I want to make out with it…and it’s candlestick friends! Ha, just realized we nearly have the same curtain in our dining room! Awww, it’s like we were separated at birth…but you got all the really good genes : )

  2. Lazy Susie says:

    Kitchen–feels more balanced now. Good work!
    Pistachios–$5 per week in the budget.
    Dining light–love it even more.
    Child–curls, where have you gone?
    Stripping–mine is also very spontaneous.

  3. Ha! I’m glad someone made a stripping comment. My first thoughts to every are “pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.” Can’t wait for the next trip south!!

  4. i love your style, angela!

  5. Peggy says:

    Lookin’ good! Love the larger kitchen window. Especially love all the cute people in the pics, but my girl is missing.

  6. sheila says:

    I am not sure what I enjoyed more in this post, your amazingly beautiful kitchen redesign or your wit and sense of humor. I think its a tie! I always enjoy your posts!

  7. Melanie says:

    I so enjoy reading your posts. I love, love, love, the color of the cabinets. The marble is fantastic and so is the hardware. Can’t wait to see the progression!

  8. Looking stunning. Love the view with the chalkboard. The yellow chair fabric is so much fun. I love your style! So colorful and happy!

  9. Love the pictures…I gotta keep up on the blog…since I can’t just run over!!!

  10. when can I come over?


  11. Hi, I was looking through this post and really like your seagrass rug, can you share where you got it from?


  12. hi,

    Your kitchen looks awesome. So awesome that I decided to pick up a gallon of BM Polo Blue to paint my cabinets. However, I am like fearing out to go with the blue!!! What is the name of your granite? Would you say the cabinets look mostly black through out the day or does it lean towards blue more?

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