The Cottage in Do It Yourself Magazine!

Our family is excited to announce that our North Carolina mountain cottage is in the Spring 2016 issue of Better Homes & Gardens Do It Yourself Magazine!  Many thank yous for jobs well done to Jessica Miller for styling, Brie Williams for photography, and Becky Mollenkamp for writing.  Thank you, also, to Lisa Mowry for scouting the house and making the connections so the story could happen.  The kids and I had the pleasure of watching the fascinating process of print production–we even made it into some of the photos!  I hope you can find yourself a copy!IMG_9226

If you are new here, the cottage is our home away from home in the gorgeous, green Appalachian mountains.  Before moving to Georgia, we lived in the area briefly and loved it!  It was a hard move to say goodbye to those mountains, but God had a plan for us to continue enjoying it.  We found the cottage, a little run-down house in the woods, available for sale and jumped on it!  With stone, timber, and an amazing view, the house only needed a little TLC to turn the charm on.

The best part about the cottage is that it isn’t just ours to enjoy.  We rent it out as a vacation rental when we aren’t there.  Many families visit throughout the year and make vacation memories there in the mountains.  It’s my job to manage the place and I take it very seriously!  People’s vacations are in my hands and I want it to be the best.  Thankfully the cottage does most of the work just being its sweet self.  And, I’m so grateful that a magazine took notice of her beauty to share with its readers.www.tphblog.comYou can take a tour here of the best of the cottage…but the posts are 6 years old and some things have changed.  For one, there is a new master bedroom.  You can also see how we do Christmas there.  And if you want to see the horrific before photos of the house you can search the blog for the full multi-post tour…written in 2009(!).

Thank you so much Better Homes & Gardens for the cottage love–we are so proud!

Also, thank you to Darlene, Gwen, and Sissy for the posts on our crazy dining room paintings!  It makes me feel less nutball to know that others appreciate the colors like I do.  It’s a good thing to feel less nutball, let me tell you.

Thank you to Darlene, too, for including our playroom in her article for Better Homes & Gardens!

One other thing, my email is acting up right now and I’m answering all comments here on the blog, so please check back if you asked a question.

Okay, that’s it for today…I’m going to try to squeeze in some studio time this afternoon before the kiddos come home.  Until next post, I’ll see you on Instagram!

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  1. that’s terrific. angela. I’m a big fan of your style. congratulations, donna

  2. Big, huge, excited congrats!! What an amazing spot (and now I’m trying to think of a reason to visit North Carolina :)). Will pick up this issue soon. Well-deserved!!

  3. So pretty! I love seeing a different side to your style and I still need to get my hands on a copy of this!

    • Ha, thank you! Yes, I’ve got a good ol’ cottagey streak through me! It’s interesting to me to reflect on the cottage and why I made the choices I did as most of it has remained unchanged since 2009. I love its coziness there! :)

  4. This feature is so well deserved. You know that I think you hang the moon. AND, this place is the perfect canvas for serenity. Can. not. Wait. to be back!!!

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