Splatters & Drips

One of two things comes to mind at the mention of slinging paint.  1)  A sullen artist in Long Island boozing and dripping himself into Abstract Expressionism super stardom.  Or, 2)  An irresistible ragamuffin in a paint splatter sweatshirt and/or with a paint splattered backdrop…empty paint can and paint brush props are totally optional.

Lavender Mist (turned on one end) by Jackson Pollock and Jillian from Awkward Family Photos

I have a little chair in the guest room that I covered in a ivory cotton over 8 years ago.  It was time for a change.  So with reupholstery plans as a Plan B and nothing to lose, I busted out some black paint and, well, now they call me Angela McDrizzles.

Have you noticed all the paint-inspired patterns?

Brushstroke Lamp by Bunny Williams for BeeLine Home


Painter’s Chair at Suzan Fellman


Bamboozle in Opus Collection by Jim Thompson Fabrics


There is a little pillow bedecked and besplattered with black paint at the loft made from my trusty drop cloth, softened through 10-years of washing.  I’ll have to get a photo, and while I’m at it, I should give you a little sneak peek, too.  Let’s plan on that for next week.

What do you think?  Do you prefer your paint on the walls or do you think it is a little harmless fun on the upholstery and accessories?

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all!  And thank you for stopping by this week.


  1. As the daughter of a mother who did Abstract Expressionism I say swing that paint! Even on a pillow it works for me.

  2. Wow that chair looks great! I also love the beautiful art behind it.

    I have plans (in the far future) to put paint on pillows… let’s see what happens!

  3. Poor little Jillian.

  4. I love the chair! (& I had to smile because a friend’s facebook profile is her standing in front of that same pollock–she is an art historian/educator based out of manhattan…)

    My philosophy on Decorating for a Family is something like Anything Goes, Don’t Take it Too Seriously, and Is Washable or Blends Well with Grime. Your chair fits. I think paint can go wherever–in fact I plan to paint my bathroom (uh-huh) floors soon!

  5. I LOVE that chair..I would have loved to see the actual application.

    Love all of the abstract painted stuff lately…that Jim Thompson fabric in black and white is one of my faves…did you also catch that spread in Lonny that they made abstract paint looking streaks with tape?

  6. cheryl d says:

    I love the chair too! I also think I have some furniture that is now in style, it works with spilled coke, red pop also!

    love you

  7. Love this look. So devil may care. Not that it’s demonic. I’ve often thought of painting some drop cloth and using it as upholstery fabric. You may have reignited that flame. Have a great weekend!

  8. I love it!! The chair looks great!! Woohoo!!



    Art by Karena

    I hope you will come and join my Giveaway from Interieurs!

  9. ooh! love the chair!

    I’m tellin ya, I did not read this post when I made that Jackson Pollack reference on Friday. Isn’t that funny????

    on Pinterest, I found a tutorial for painting an upholstered chair… and I can tell ya, it got me thinkin.

    hugs and a splash o paint.
    – {dar}

  10. Wow, I haven’t seen any of those painted fabrics before, but I’m suddenly obsessed! Are you taking orders on your fabric, Angela? 🙂

  11. Peggy says:

    I love the chair and its unique appeal! Good job!

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