Splattered & Zipped | New Slipcovers

Rental season has officially started, and my amazing helpers and I refreshed the cottage just in time.  My muy multi-talented friend Cynthia, our fabulous housekeeper, and I worked non-stop (seemingly)–spring cleaning, potting new plants, touch-up painting, a whole new master bedroom that I’ll share soon, and a new pair of slipcovers.

Homemade style.


A professional fabricated the slipcovers, but the pattern was all hand splattered with love at home:


Can more fun be had in a garage with a dropcloth after dinner?  No.

And who says a zipper should be hidden?  This time, not me.


I think the slipcovers add a little spunk to the peace of the cottage…pretty much one of my favorite places to be.

www.tphblog.com It wasn’t all work and no play–artsy veggie types need to refuel and it was a great excuse to go to Plant and initiate Cynthia–pretty much one of my favorite places to eat.  And then it was deep-thoughts under the late-night stars in the hot tub–pretty much one of my favorite places to sit and do nothing.

And you?  You are pretty much one of my favorite readers to visit.


  1. love these. donna

  2. I am not a fan of slipcovers at all, but these are wonderful and so creative. Even I could live with them!

  3. Peggy says:

    I love that the kids played a big part in the décor! I know that is rewarding. Looks great!

  4. Uhhh…where is your cottage?? Cause I’m just leaving Asheville… Tell me your cottage is in Asheville!

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