Shopping Asheville

It was Asheville’s lucky day when six design bloggers showed up to shop last weekend.  First stop, Screen Door!

Rhoda snaps a photo of the resident kitty.  Aww!

Shannon flipped through a stash of kitschy paint-by-numbers.  The girl knows how to group these puppies.  And, Heidi spotted a lamp and said, “Angela, that would look good in the loft!”  Yes, ma’am, it would–good eyes!

Ladies & Loot

Next we were off to the Tobacco Barn–I love you.

The chair tempts Lori…but would it fit in the car???

There is always good stuff to find like glass-topped tables with hoof feet and pieces to wistfully covet like a slightly unsettling unfinished painting.  Shannon and I discovered that we both have had a thing for this painting–that has been at TB for months now.

Then it was time to put 4 bloggers’ things into my mid-size SUV.  Blake at Tobacco Barn to the rescue!  Strangely enough, I didn’t have to fight anyone for that concrete Easter bunny.  He’s going to the loft to keep my headless torso company.  We’re a motley crew here at TPH.

Let’s go again soon!

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  1. Peggy says:

    I know you enjoyed this outing! And shopping with friends just makes it that much better! Love the resident cat.

  2. Vintage stores, cats and design bloggers. What a fun day!! Can you ladies come over here and hang out?

  3. Ladies and loot!!! too much fun!!!!!! It was their lucky day. Impressed how y’all fit it in the car!

  4. Donna Aitken says:

    Are all bloggers beautiful?

  5. I’m so glad you have friends that shop! It takes the pressure off me. I will be your friend to eat Short Street Cakes with!!

  6. Good thing I wasn’t there or we may have had to break up after I fought you for the bunny:-) Can’t wait ti see him in his place at the loft.

    Always a dream to go treasure hunting with kindred spirits…looked like fun.

  7. Come back !! Let’s do it again! So much more fun to do it with buddies! I am heading back tomorrow to pick up my loot that didn’t fit in the back of your car! Great post!

  8. Aww, Angela! That was so much fun. Great to see what all y’all found after I left. I just didn’t have time to see all of Tobacco Barn, but it was such a fun trip. I can’t wait to get a house again, so I can buy more loot! :)

  9. Penny @ The Comforts of Home & Flea Market Makeovers says:

    LOL…I am thinking if I would have been at the Screen door, I would have recognized Rhoda! I was there in the last week or two!

  10. The Screen Door is truly great. We bought an antique radio cabinet from there and converted it into a sink cabinet for the bathroom.

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