Seeking Happiness

It is easy to forget the simple things that bring happiness when I’m busy chasing bigger things that promise joy.

But a shady spot on cool lush grass helps me remember.

Or, reminders come while watching my daughter ponder the impossible–like fairy tea parties in secret gardens–while caught up in the magic of an impossibly grand home.

Happiness streaks down hills, too–with grass stains to prove it.

Then it collapses at the bottom, plucking blades of grass.

And Mommy practically jumped out of a moving car for a close up of a field with fleece as white as snow.  When a mama and her lamb bleated across the field to find each other among the masses and then ran to meet upon recognition–heart melted.

But you know what would have made my husband even happier that day?  If the electric fence had actually been on when I accidentally touched it, he would have been full of joy.  Of course, I touched it after I had repeatedly warned the children to be careful.

Recently we were up early one chilly morning making a road trip.  The kids ate their breakfast of peanut butter sandwiches in the car.  As my son leaned toward the heater and munched on his PB & J, he said, “Ahhh, this is the life.”

And one other experience that got me thinking:  my daughter looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I’m so glad God gave me the face that I would love!”

When was the last time I looked in the mirror and didn’t automatically start critiquing every flaw?  Or, when did I last rejoice in the deliciousness of a creamy sweet PB & J?

“Faith like a child” comes to mind but altered to “joy like a child.”  I want to experience more of the happiness that forgets failures, reputation, broken relationships–things that hinder the discovery of happiness in the simple things.

Next time, you better believe, I’m wearing shoes in which I can burn a trail down those hills.

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  1. Beautiful! I am so touched by your daughters comment. Can you say conviction?! You’ve done something right, Mom.
    Oh those baby lambs, is there anything sweeter? We use to raise them when I was little and still nothing compares. I would hoard them if I could… I love them like PB&J!

  2. Lazy Susie says:

    Oh, I enjoy my almond butter and French strawberry jam WAY too much. Creamy goodness for sure!

    Love the little girl comment so much. I’ve been hearing about everything that is wrong with my 16 yr old, the one that happens to be beautiful, just like her sis. Plastic surgery is becoming an American obsession, and I’m doing everything that I can to combat her desire to change what is not broken!

  3. So sweet to hear about your children and the things they say. I would love nothing more than having that same joyful freedom of thought again! In fact, I’m waiting for Tinkerbell to bring me some pixie dust…

  4. Happiness can be such a fleeting joyful thing! We get so stuck in the things we do we forget that the best moments might be the small ones. We worry about all kinds of annoying stuff, get stressed and think negative and miss it. I’m on a mission to try to change!!! It will take work. Love your kid’s comments. Ahaha cracks me up, Luke will say funny things like that too. Just spontaneous happiness!!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Why did this post bring tears to my eyes? Ugh! I’m such a sap for your writing, sweet friend. You got my heart strings! 😉

  6. Melanie says:

    Love your daughter’s comment. Great Post!

  7. Looking at that grassy hill made me think of how fun it is to roll down a hill. Something that you just can’t do here, sigh, next time roll down it for me, haha. Looks like you had a good time-love the Biltmore, your kiddos are so sweet.

  8. Donna Aitken says:

    Why wouldn’t she love the face God gave her? She is a beauty!!

  9. Peggy says:

    I agree with Donna! Too often we get so caught up with things that we forget how blessed we are with the simple things. I try more and more to put my focus on the fabulous friends and family in my life, and not the not-so-subtle wrinkles on my face. I love you and your family, and count you all as a blessing.

  10. cheryl d says:

    I agree with Donna and your mom. I am finding out, the older I get, just how wonderful simple things are. We sit on our back porch and watch birds at the feeder, hear the wind blowing such soothing sounds, such peace, such a blessing.

  11. Perfectly stated. Love you dear friend!

  12. needed each word of this post today, sweet friend. How easily we forget.

    are you like me? so hard on myself for not carpe-diem-ing enough? I really am SO hard on myself over this..

    I wonder if I am, even still, wasting my energy on kicking myself in the pants for not being happy/still/simple enough. This thought occurred to me at the end of your post, when I wondered… “hmm. I wonder if, whatever shoes she was wearing saved her from getting an electric shock? even though she couldn’t run down the hill?”

    probably not. But the thought did come to mind! ha!

    Here is to kicking off our shoes and forgiving ourselves more. {you probably didn’t need that. It was mostly self-therapy. Thanks for helping!}

  13. love Biltmore, by the way. Forgot to tell you: remind me to tell you my funny Biltmore story. It is classy, I tell ya.

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