See Spot Sit

This dog has hit the big time on the blogs…and now Togo makes it to TPH.

I was searching for a leopard print for these $20 Queen of Hearts chairs…but went dotty instead.  I lived with the black vinyl too long.  Remember?

Ten dollars per yard, $5 per chair, 30 minutes to staple on…and that, friends, is the extent of my upholstery skills.

Now I just hope the fur doesn’t start to fly between Spot and Fluffy there.  Meow.

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  1. How fun and unexpected!

  2. Shysta!! That is so HOT! Love the ten dollar per yard that really looks like a million dollar a yard. I love how incredibly awesome you are.

    xx – CB

  3. Those look beautiful!! I love the fabric. May have to buy a couple of yards for an upholstery project of my own :)

    -Mandy of Kini Style

  4. spot is DARLING! black, white, orange and a catfight. What’s not to love??

  5. We all know where THIS sort of thing can lead. What next, hounds-tooth?

  6. I just found your blog via Full House and am LOVING your use of the “Togo” print. I had 2 parsons-style ottomans reupholstered in it and love every new use of the pattern! Can’t wait to devour more of your blog!

    Check out my ottomans here:

  7. Peggy says:

    Looks lovely! I like the change.

  8. Found you from Full House and I am in love already- those chairs look brand new. Oh and you had me at hello when I saw the orange- LOVES IT!

  9. Your chairs look fabulous, My Dear! Though I would, of course, expect nothing less =)

  10. bonnie says:

    love it!

  11. Found you through Full House, your chairs look fabulous and I am loving your lamp!!

  12. Jan Tucker says:

    Help me. I have spots in front of my eyes! Just kidding. Love it.

  13. Gorgeous, Angela! I have been scared of the staplegun but you are giving me hope. I would drive for 2 hours for bertoia, too :)

  14. This is so beautiful great job! Your home is so pretty. I’ve been on the hunt for some orange lampshades myself where did you find yours?

  15. What a difference a few spots can make!! I love it!

  16. Found you through the Nester … love the whole set-up! I am really loving your orange lamp. :)

  17. Love that fabric choice!!! Well done.

  18. Dear angela,

    I was impressed with your DIY upholstered chairs with spotted fabric, that I wrote about them on my blog. I hope you like it, If you want me to adjust something please let me know.

    All the best

  19. Looove this fabric and your entryway. I’m ashamed to say I haven’t been through your site, but I have a feeling I’m about to have a ball doing so!

  20. I absolutely adore those chairs of yours! It’s crazy what a huge difference a little fabric can do, definitely an upgrade =D Love the rest too of course, the cat lamp is oh-so sweet!

    xo Linda

  21. I was going to buy some of this fabric for re upholstery of my nursery armchair. However my cot is off white/cream. Just wondering if the background is a stark white?
    thanks so much

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