Ribbon Art

It must be the girlie in me that loves ribbons–but even so, I am trying to strip the ribbon of its girliness to a modern yet still playful form.  I’ve been putting them in my last few paintings:
www.tphblog.comwww.tphblog.comBut then I wanted to isolate the ribbon’s form by releasing it from the canvas and other superfluous imagery.  I wanted to cut one out of wood.  This is one for the guest room, just playing around:


www.tphblog.comIt wasn’t until recently that I had time to make more.  Did you see these on Instagram?


www.tphblog.comThere are more to come and a shop in which to purchase them and other new art–hopefully soon!

I’ve been having fun with the scrap wood by making kissy lips.  This one makes me think of Tom Wesselmann.

www.tphblog.comI made two pairs of the red lips below.  Anyone want a pair for your gallery wall?  If you do, go to my Instagram and find this photo below, leave a comment telling me where your first kiss was, and I will pick someone from the comments on Friday.  I’ll go first:  movie theater.  Gah, so romantic!



  1. I still think it would be completely reasonable for you to have a piece of ribbon art on every wall in your home, just sayin’.

  2. Alicia says:

    These are so fun and beautiful! Your work is amazing!

  3. Please tell me you’re going to start selling these…they’re awesome and so unique.

  4. I’m so excited for a shop! That red ribbon in your hall…I could stare at that for hours!

  5. Veronica D says:

    I’m SO glad that you are back!! I just recently realized that and I missed you a lot!!
    I’m sure that it was worth taking the time off and traveling with your kids!!
    And those ribbons are awesome!!! I hope I can afford one 🙂

  6. so cool I just love how unique and colorful and happy they are!

  7. Angela, so glad you are sharing more of your artwork with us. Your colour choices are so good my dear.
    If I didn’t live in Canada I would invite myself over sometime for a house tour!

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