Ranch Redo Ideas

Ever since I posted the exterior redo of our 1950s ranch house, I’ve discovered there are a lot of people searching for their own remodel ideas for their plain-jane ranches.  Because you are pretty much working with a box, there are so many ways to dress up and individualize a ranch home.  I’m like a little puppy full of excitement when I see a successful ranch redo–with my tail a wagging and maybe piddling on the floor a bit.  So for those of you searching for ideas and inspiration, I will start posting houses that I see that have been reborn.

This house has a lot going on–lots of details to pick and choose from:

  • Dormer windows
  • Painted brick with unpainted brick (like we did in our redo just on a bigger scale)
  • Railing on porch roof
  • Shutters with hardware (in scale with the windows)
  • Window mullions painted in interesting color (red to coordinate with shutters)
  • Attractive color palette
  • Slate-covered porch
  • Round vent thingies on the gables (someone help me out here.  Terry?)
  • Dark trim


This next house is a little choppy in its composition–looks like the original garage was converted and another garage added on.  But there are still some good ideas to take from here:

  • Painted mullions, again
  • Decorative copper roof on brackets over entrance, window, and garage
  • Decorative gutter downspouts
  • Wooden garage door
  • X fencing on porch
  • Dark trim
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  1. I don’t know know the official French name for those “round vent thingies” in the gables. In the USA folks call them Round Gable Vents. We have one and also a little round window to match in another gable. Now everybody want one. Half moons can look really great too.

  2. Goodness! Those are amazing! What do you, personally, think about the dark trim idea? Is it more modern? I’d love to hear your take…

  3. I am always looking for ideas for a ranch. We too painted our little house, it had about 4 different brick addition and a/c holes filled in along with a white brick piece built out the front = nasty. We went with a grayish green, dark green shutters red doors and white trim. In the first pic I like how they brought the eaves back in over the brick, looks nice. I’d like to try that with our place and add inset lights at every 12′ – think it would add some warmth and lighting with out a porch light. Can’t wait to see more.

  4. I’m collecting ranch redo photos! So, I’m racing to download these. Our ranchypoo is UGLY on the outside and in desperate need of a facelift.

    Here’s one you might like from my collection: http://www.porticoatlanta.com/item_11.html#top.

  5. Bonnie says:

    OH ANGELA, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COME PIDDLE ON MY FLOOR A BIT! Cleaning up a little piddle on the floor would be a fine exchange for the creative genius this place would take. I could even send you pictures and you could do one of those draw on the screen things that P. Allen Smith does on his show…you know…someone sends in their dilemma picture and he puts it up on TV and draws all over it with a red pen. You could even piddle on my pictures.
    By the way, feel free to delete this.

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