Ranch Redo Colors

Ever since I posted about our ranch redo here at TPH, I’ve been getting tons of hits from people wanting to “update ugly ranch house” or “make exterior changes to 50s ranch,” etc.  And, I’ve been receiving lots of emails about our exterior paint colors.  What a dumbo I was not to include them in the original post.

So here are the colors:

Bricks, Sherwin Williams Backdrop 7025

Trim, Sherwin Williams Extra White 7006

Shutters, Sherwin Williams Black Fox 7020

I started out with Sherwin Williams Interesting Aqua 6220 for the front door, but it turned out to be too light and the aqua too subdued.  So I had Home Depot (where I bought the paint and they colormatched to SW) add a bit brighter and darker tint to the can of Interesting Aqua.  So I know that isn’t much help–but the color of the door now is closer to SW Open Seas 6500 or Ebbtide 6493.  As people have asked me the colors, it has slowly been coming back to me what we did.

To those of you in the dreaming stages, the planning stages, the working stages of a ranch redo, I wish you well!  And please share photos with me when you are done.


  1. Wilcox says:

    My inspiration home, love all you have done. what color roof did you use?

    Thank you

  2. Did you paint this yourselves or hire someone to do it?

  3. Janelle Burkhart says:

    I’m considering pairing the exterior of our Bedford stone house. I painted our fireplace 14 years ago and it rapidly absorbed the primer and paint. Would you have any advice for a project like this? I’ve never been able to find any pictures of Bedford homes that have been painted. I love the colors you used on the gray brick ranch. Desperate to get my home out of it’s exhausting time warp. Thanks for any advice you have to offer. Sincerely Janelle Burkhart

  4. Laura Lucas says:

    Wow, we are about to move into an older red brick ranch and looking for ideas and found your house. Beautiful!! I don’t know if I’m brave enough for all that, yet… but it’s given me some ideas!!

  5. Do you have any idea what color the shingles are. Love the colors but want to make sure it blends with my roof.

  6. Janet says:

    I love this. I am about to move into an older ranch style home and would love to do something like this. The roof on mine is a readish color sort of Ike the before picture on yours. If we don’t change the roof.would the colors clash if we went with the colors on the redo.

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