Master Bedroom Progress

If there is one thing our bedroom can brag about, it would be its great bones.  But that’s it.  The furniture is mismatched.  The bedside tables are inadequate.  There are no lamps by which to read in bed.  It is unfinished, that’s all.  I got as far as a rug and a bedside table sketch before homeschool resumed.  But after two years of this situation, I’m ready to get this love nest fluffed and styled.

But I have to say, even with all its furniture shortcomings, it is the best master bedroom we’ve had in our 19-year marriage.  So points scored already.

We have an amazing view out the large window that is relaxing to gaze at while in bed–always changing with the time of day.  Foggy mornings, striking sunsets.  The windows are framed in linen from Gray Line, whose swatch matched well with our Benjamin Moore White Dove paint in the rest of the house but turned out to be more cream when hung en masse.  I don’t have cream in the rest of the house so this kinda bothers me somedays.  However, I do love our walls of drapes–it is so cozy when drawn at

The sofa is a vintage find–I love its shape and upholstered feet.  Fabric still needs to be determined–but, really, I’m not entirely convinced it will go in this spot.  There really isn’t enough room between the window and the bed to put seating plus a table or ottoman or bench, and I’m not sure I like the idea of a floating sofa without some kind of furniture companion.  Everyone needs a friend.  I’ve tried two chairs here, and it was a tight squeeze with them angled.

(Sometimes when I’m typing all these furniture musings, I’m all like, what I am I doing??  People are dying out there and I’m dissecting my bedroom?  It can feel ridiculous.  Oh well, let’s carry on…)

Our bed is 10 years old.  It’s been good to us.  But it is one amorous night away of collapsing on us with a weak corner–not worth reupholstering.

I finally made a decision and ordered this bed at the end of the year:restoration hardware

It is the Grayson bed from Restoration Hardware in their indigo velvet.  I knew I wanted either the sofa or bed in blue, and doing it on the bed to have the contrast against the gray walls made sense to me.  It will be delivered sometime in March (patience, Angela).

My original thoughts for the bedside table were inspired by this check-out counter I saw at the Joe’s Jeans outlet store.

www.tphblog.comI drew my own interpretation for a one-drawer bedside table.  Pretty cool, right?FullSizeRender

But lately I’ve been so impatient I just want it ready to be delivered.  So I’ve been looking online for ready-mades.  I found these on One Kings Lane:

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.31.03 PM

Same idea really, but sadly they are too small for our space.

Then I thought I found the one!  This beauty by Sabin Furniture that I found at Dixon Rye here in Atlanta.  (Please visit this gorgeous store if you are in the Atlanta area.)sabin furniture

In love!  But, right before I placed the order, I realized that these cabinets with its undulating front painted white would resemble the drapery in the room.  I was devastated with this realization!  (Devastation being relative to furniture selection not tragic life events, just so we’re clear.)  With the bedside tables being the only casegoods in the room, they cannot look like the drapery–at least that is not the look I’m after.  I have shopped online and by foot for an option without success so I think custom is the way to go.  So, back to the beginning again and pursuing the drawing above.

Lamps, additional color, pillows, art/mirrors will come later.  Just ordering the bed at this point feels like a win!  I’m not sure which color/s I want to add, but I keep going back to blush or lilac.  Hmm.

Finally, here is the view from the bedroom to the bathroom.

I recently found the little slipper chair at Restoration Hardware outlet–I love its structured silhouette.  The sweet table is from Home Goods.  It has a red top that I will paint

One step at a time in this decorating process.

Bathroom paint, BM White Dove.

Bedroom paint and bathroom cabinets, BM Cumulus Cloud

Oh!  The wallpaper that is going up this week is so trippy!  I LOVE it.  I posted a peek of it on my instagram.  Hopefully next week I can show you the finished product!

Happy New Year and Stuff!

Uh, ahem, is this thing on?

The last time I saw you here it was the middle of 2015…and now it’s 2016!  Happy new year, everyone!  We have some catching up to do…

The kids and I resumed homeschool back in June 2015 for a year of travel and learning.  Well, we did both, but we only made it half a year.  Whomp, whomp.  The kids missed their friends too much in school.  They had already tasted the sweet elixir of traditional school for one year, and for me to pull them out of that arrangement to homeschool again, well, the transition back wasn’t as smooth.  Additional truth is, I had also tasted the delicious flavors of traditional school, that moment of freedom when Daddy drives off in the morning with a carload of kids and I wave serenely while my other hand cradles my coffee–yeah, that.  We had a great 6 months of homeschool–the travel was wonderful and the teaching was bearable.  A friend told me when I was feeling bad about quitting halfway, “Angela, you just wanted a bunch of fabulous trips.”  Ha, true.  And, I got three.

We started with an Eastern US trip–with stays in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maine, New York City, Washington DC, and the bulk of our trip in Quebec City where we took French lessons for two weeks.


We had a short trip to Florida to seek out manatees in the Crystal River.


Our third trip was to the Western US, starting in San Francisco and ending up with a week in Utah hitting three national parks.  That was so much fun!


It was such a great experience–I’m happy we tried it.  I’m just bummed because the second semester was going to be all our international travel and we’ll miss out on that.  But the kids are happy to be in school again.  And we can travel on their breaks in shorter bursts…we discovered that three weeks away from home was tough!  Soooooooo…yeah, I’m here again, figuring out what to pursue now that the kids will be in school for the duration.  It is a weird feeling since I have been birthing children and rearing and teaching them for the last 12 years.  It’s go time for me now and I’m a little scared, overwhelmed, excited.  No more crazy ideas to take me away from a career of sorts.  Probably.

Well, crazy ideas seem to be what we do best.  Last fall I was driving and thinking, “It’s been a while since we got ourselves into something nutty.”  And then that following weekend we came upon a foreclosure listing for a North Carolina historic inn.   Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 1.33.27 PM Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 1.35.04 PM

This is the kind of nutty I’m talking about, I thought.

Ultimately, nothing came of it, but it bears mentioning because there is a hunger in me to find my destiny and I thought, “oh my, this could be it!”  A good month was spent on researching inn ownership and management, many site visits, talks with the bank, and meetings with a builder.  We finally determined the property needed too much work and investment than we could commit.  And we pushed it away in peace that it was the right thing to do.

But of course, I found time around homeschool and learning about self-catering properties and hospitality software to put a design board together.  You know, just one evening to indulge in it–because once the heart goes in, it is hard to let it go.  Just one heart-filled evening to see what the wood and stone interiors might look like in colors of poplar leaves, forsythia, and rhododendron…

So I’m not to be an innkeeper–right now anyway.  I have some ideas that I’ll try and see which one opens up wide for highway cruising.  Hopefully one will.  In the meantime, please remind me not to be sad about the ideas that fail.  It’s all part of the process, they tell me.  Also, in the meantime, I’m going to be hitting this “new” house hard (we’ve been here for two years already, “new” whatever).  Time to make some decisions.  And, I’m excited to be blogging about it again.  You’re still here, right?

Before I go, a few thank yous are in order:

Fieldstone Hill Design wrote a sweet post about our guest room.  Come back and see me, Dar!

Bliss at Home included me in her 5 Blogs I Love This Summer post…and then I stopped blogging for 7 months, sorry, Kristin!

There are TPH blurbs in these links from Apartment Therapy, House Beautiful, and Country Living.

And, thank you to Julia at Hooked on Houses for featuring our ranch house redo–we go WAY back, right, Julia?

And, speaking of our ranch redo, I found this ranch renovation on HGTV…I think they might have been inspired by our exterior redo!



www.tphblog.comIt’s my most pinned post–I’m happy so many people are inspired by the transformation!

And, one last thing!  Better Homes & Gardens came to photograph the cottage last fall for an upcoming DIY Magazine issue!  Oh, cottage, how we all love thee.IMG_4361Wallpaper is going up here next week!  Chris is doing this and that.  I’m painting walls…a new bed is on order…furniture is being designed…studio painting is planned…good things to come.  I’ll be back next week with some details.  Thank you so much for stopping by and not giving up on ye olde blog!  Until then, find me on Instagram.

Basement Lounge Progress

Aside from the guest room, the whole basement is my husband’s domain.  It’s spacious with room for exercise equipment, a TV lounge, and music makers like amps and guitars and drums.


When we first bought the house, my husband did not fell like much needed to be done to the space to make it his own.  He wanted to replace the built-ins with a new one but leave the fireplace.  It took a little convincing, but I told him I thought we could do better than the faux stone.


We added a soffit, wood-clad ceiling, new built-ins, grasscloth, and a new fireplace surround from the leftover marble tiles from our kitchen remodel in the last house.

While the basement is still quite spare, until recently it only had a table and a leftover sofa.  Our dream sofa was a sectional and leather and mucho dinero…therefore, low on the priority list.  But I kept my eye on the local Restoration Hardware Outlet store, hoping for a good deal.  Then, one lucky day earlier this spring, while my husband was away on a business trip, the outlet store had a prospect for me.  It wasn’t leather, but it was a slipcovered gray linen sectional, and it was 75% off.  A very good prospect!  And, with my husband out of town…this seems like a perfect time to do a little surprise design.

I bought the sectional and threw in a leather ottoman from the outlet, too…happy to get some leather in the mix.  I rush ordered a rug to be bound at Myer’s Carpet and bought a pile of ready-made pillows from Designs by Sudi.  A few accent tables I had floating around the house fit perfectly, and, bam, it wasn’t completed but was changed enough for a big surprise when he returned from his trip. (I did this before with a huge makeover to his office while he was on a trip…it’s a wonder that he still trusts me.)IMG_8746

He loves it, whew!  And, we’ll have fun creating the artwork for the walls.  He has some favorite album covers picked out, and we’ll do something with the photos we take at all the concerts he takes me to throughout the year.  Since I don’t encourage him to quit his day job to be a rocker, he can at least live the fantasy in the lounge.

Opposite the TV lounge is a kitchen area that I haven’t done much to.  We painted the existing cabinets, added a fridge, and replaced the countertops with a remnant piece of Alabama White marble.
IMG_8769In between the kitchen and the TV lounge is a gulf of space that we hope to put a large rug and black pingpong table.  It is a basement, after all.

I’m still hoping for a pretty piano in the alcove to the left–to replace the ugly electric keyboard the kids use for their piano lessons.  Still lots to be done, but I’m so happy to have the TV area cozy now.

I’ll be back soon with an update on the kitchen…the island sculpture light is almost finished.  Can’t wait!  See you all on Instagram in the meantime!

Dining Room | Old is New Again

The dining room is one of my favorite rooms of the house–even though it is missing some key pieces.  I call it The Axis of Evil because it is dark and moody and all the other rooms of the main floor spoke off this space.  But usually I call it The Dining Room.  We eat in here a lot, especially when it’s cold and the fire is blazing.  The room is also where we play our almost-nightly Uno, Skip-Bo, or Phase10 games.  We’re super fun like that.

You can see a dining room progress post here.  Since I wrote that post, my large bird painting flew off to live at the cottage and I repurposed an old cabinet to hold our extra dishes and such.
www.tphblog.comI had the cabinet built back in 2005 to hold our TV in our North Carolina house.  Such good memories at that house…
www.tphblog.comAnd, then, when we moved to Georgia, we used it in the dining room.

www.tphblog.comAnd, then…(do your kids tell “And, Then…” stories, like mine do?) it received a new paint job when I moved it to the loft.

www.tphblog.comIt has served us well through the years.www.tphblog.comAnd, then, for the latest adaptation, Chris transformed it for us into something playful with the oversized knobs and added trim.  It feels great to use something we already had.  I bought the cool lamps from the one and only Sherry Hart at the Atlanta Blogger Tag Sale awhile back.  I love them.  Chris also built the pedestal by the window.  He’s the best!

I hauled in my daughter’s chair cushion to get a feel of yellow artwork here.  It just seems like the art needs to be yellow in this room.

Okay, who wants to sit down and play a game of Uno with me?  We need to do something to celebrate:  I just posted three days in a row!

TV Room Progress

Our family TV room is off the kitchen and has been a white ghost since we moved in.  I painted the walls gray over Memorial Day weekend.
www.tphblog.comThe sectional consumes the room like a giant marshmallow.  Below is a photo of the room all white and rugless.  You can also see the window on the left, above the sofa, that we covered with a large painting.   (You can see our kitchen plans here.)

www.tphblog.comChris, who makes and fixes everything at our house, built the wood panel to perfectly cover the window.  The window is directly opposite of the TV so there was a horrible glare.  We covered the back of the panel with aluminum foil so it looks real nice from the outside.  Actually I just painted it white and it faces the back of the house to the woods.

www.tphblog.comStill obsessed with fabric and such, I finished the painting recently–felt good to do some arty painting.

www.tphblog.comI’m still debating how much art I want on the TV wall.  It’s all stacked up in the meantime.

The photo below shows the room with frames flanking the painting–too much white for me–and the sofa with the back cushions for maximum marshmallow effect.  I found the sofa at Ballard Design Outlet here in Atlanta, it was a classic rolled arm sectional, but I had my upholsterer reshape the arms when he made the slipcover.  And the fabric is, gasp, microfiber.  I am only a supporter of microfiber in white.  The two other white microfiber sofas we have (both at the cottage) perform beautifully, and one we’ve had slipcovered for 10 years with NO stains or major wear.

The above photo also shows our ottoman, which is currently being reupholstered in the flamestitch fabric that Marlowe the cat is sitting on.  The drapery for the double window in the room will also be in the same flamestitch fabric…which would have been awesome on the sofa as an alternative.

Right now we are experimenting with the sofa sans back cushions.  I’ve just loaded it up with all the blue pillows I could find in the house.  I really like it, less ‘mallow more mellow.  It feels good to be so close to being finished in here.  If I keep the chest behind the sofa, I’ll paint it.  And, I’m still deciding fabric for the triangle ottoman (not pictured) that sits in front of the orange chair.  I guess if we keep the back cushions off the sofa, I’ll have to reassess the pillow situation.  Serious decisions around these parts.

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