One Room Challenge | Week Two

We are two weeks down in the One Room Challenge!  With four weeks still stretching out before me, I feel like I can do anything.  But this is no time to be cocky, sand through the hourglass…

Last week I shared that we are finishing the basement in our house–you can see my inspiration rooms in the first post.  It is my husband’s hangout space, it is also where we do our exercise videos (dig deep, Shaun T!), and it is the pass-through to the guest room.  Here is the reminder of the before, when we bought the house four years ago:We made some initial changes to the space.  We removed the carpet and stone on the fireplace and added the inset for the TV and soffits around the ceiling for some architectural interest:

view from the hallway

At this time, I painted the concrete floors white.  I loved the idea of the crisp, white floors.  And, then.  Not long after we moved in, they started peeling, like no adhesion at all!  Turns out the floor wasn’t properly prepped.  I was devastated.  The paint had to be stripped off the floors.  Can you imagine the awful job that was???

This is a good time to introduce Chris.

If you’ve been reading here or my Instagram for a while you know Chris.  He is so talented in all areas of house.  He can fix and do and make anything.  We met around 9 years ago when I saw his van pulling out of Home Depot.  His name and number was written on the side of the van, and I scribbled it down fast as I was in need of someone to do work around the 1956 house we had just bought.  The rest is history.  He did the whole build out of my studio loft in Atlanta, he built furniture for our poolside patio.  He improved the curb appeal of our ranch house.  He does it all.  And, he is an integral part of this One Room Challenge.  I couldn’t do it without his help!

So, when I realized our only option was to strip the floors, I called Chris.  It was a messy, dusty job, but he did it.

So white floors no more!  I decided to do a faux concrete stain similar to one that I did at our mountain house in 2009, which has held up beautifully through many vacation renters and our own family.  But the sander Chris used to remove the white paint could only get so close to the baseboards without damaging them…so a small line of white paint still remained around the perimeter of the basement.  That is when we decided to add a 4-inch band of black around the baseboards of the entire basement.  Chris and his poor knees. Into the guest bathroom as well:What turned out to be a practical solution ended up being a pretty detail I love! Here is the hallway in the guest room with the faux concrete stain.Here is the new TV wall with the custom cabinet, sconces, grasscloth wallpaper, and new fireplace surround.  This is before I finished the floor treatment in the main room:

In the above photo you can see the alcove to the left which leads to the powder room on one side and the guest room hallway on the other.  Stripes on the floors because I love stripes, of course!

So, with the walls and floors finished, I moved on to furniture but didn’t get too far.  This is where things ended and left things ripe for the ORC.

So one weekend when my husband was out of town, I stopped in at the Restoration Hardware Outlet for a looksie.  We were holding out for a leather sofa, but I found this gray slipcovered sectional on deeeeeeeep discount.  It wasn’t exactly what we wanted, but it was comfy, a good price, and we needed something.   I thought it would be fun to surprise him with a sofa and rug when he got home from his trip.

It is staying, even though I’d prefer something more squared off than the Belgian roll arm style.  It is comfy so that’s a major win for movie watching!  Or, my favorite, Silicon Valley.  But there is a lesson here…be wary of the deep discounts, they have power to trick your brain and alter your design plans…sometimes not for the best.

I love how the niche for the TV and soffits turned out.  We paneled the ceiling in 1x6s for coziness in the TV lounge, faced the fireplace surround with leftover Alabama white marble tiles from our kitchen backsplash in the last house, and now have speakers in the speaker boxes, and maybe I’ll get around to painting the air vents black this ORC.  Plans for this space include new corner chair, new pillows, new ottoman, and new monumental art above the sofa.
Opposite the TV lounge is the kitchenette, remember the before:

We reused a portion of the lowered cabinets and painted them Benjamin Moore Summer Nights like the TV lounge and the alcove.  We added a refrigerator and new countertop made from a remnant we found of Alabama white marble.  There was just enough in the remnant to do a 12″ backsplash.  The table was a stand in–it is the table we bought for our first home back in 2001.  The Bertoia chairs, too, are leftover from the studio loft we sold in 2013.Plans for the kitchen include a new storage cabinet on the side of the refrigerator in stained oak and a matching oak shelf above the backsplash for glasses, that Chris is building.  I have my Knot art planned for the wall to the left of the sink.  New chairs are ordered and I found a new table on my designer friend Jennifer’s Instagram stories!  (You need to follow this chica!)

She was shopping the Lakewood 400 antique market in Cumming, Georgia, when she snapped a picture of this table.  I love the Platner-esque base and oval shape for the room.  As soon as I saw it, I jumped in the car and bought it!  I’m not sure how I will finish it…maybe all white?

I also have someone special to me making a table to go behind the sofa.  My brother and mother run a sheet metal shop in Texas.  He is making a perforated table in aluminum that I will have powdercoated…maybe in white?  I used nickels to determine size of the perforation and spacing.  I think it’s going to look so cool!  I wish I could have it made in brass like this box I used for spacing…$$$$.

Here is the general look I’m after in the basement:I’m not much of a design board tech genius, but this gives me the idea of how it works together–I’m squeezing all the spaces together on one board.

So this second week of ORC I focused on a mural for the hallway off the stairs.  This is how you enter the basement and it totally sets the scene now.

The plan:

Before:In progress:I can’t wait to have the pendants hanging down here and art up on the red wall at the end.  I have eight pieces at the framer right now.  I’m going to make a gallery wall with music posters and concert photos that we’ve taken.  Music is my husband’s number one passion so it will be so personal to have these pieces on the wall here.

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you…I am doing a red velvet mat and red frame to go on that red wall.  Yes.  I.  Am.

This week I’m working on the art that will go above the sofa, a wood sculpture piece that will span 12 feet.  Super excited about it!  Stay tuned to Instagram for peeks on my stories.

In other news, items from the generous One Room Challenge sponsors are starting to roll in.I’m using this luxe Orapa Dot fabric from Stroheim for pillows for the sofa.  I love that it is a solid with a punchy graphic texture.  Designs by Sudi is making the covers for me.

I also received wallpaper for the powder room ceiling from Milton & King, Origami–love it!

It’s very Qbert/tumbling blocks, no?  I’ve had so much fun looking through their patterns.

So I haven’t said much about the bathroom…I will have photos and details next week.  But for now, Chris is working on the vanity and I have the stone fabricators measuring this week for the countertop.  The room is going to be RED, naturally.  But I haven’t decided on the stone.  It will be either arabescato white marble or black marble.  So hard to choose.  It is a strange little layout, but we are trying to make the best of the square footage.  I can’t wait to show you the metal art we have for the space!

Okay, I think that’s plenty for today!  Next week we’ll talk bathroom, progress of the wood art, and any new acquisitions.  I’ll also give you, before this challenge is over, some info on the concrete floor finish.

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  1. Laura says:

    Wow, what a space! Looking forward to seeing the final result.

    Did I miss it? How did you do the concrete stain? I have about 1500 sq. ft that is CRYING out for a treatment like that –thanks!

  2. loving everything but that striped floor…WOW!! Big love!! And is there any chance Chris has a brother in NC??

  3. Week 2 is looking FABULOUS Angela! Love the deep blue on your TV wall and floors are not only practical, they are looking perfect for you space! Love the sofa and table finds too!

  4. That striped floor is amazing! Love your plan and all that’s come together so far. I hear you on falling for the deep discount. Why oh why must it be so tempting? Can’t wait to see the red frames on red wall. So fab!!

  5. Yes to everything. The way you go boldly with color where no one has gone before is magic! Anxiously awaiting the reveal!

  6. the stripped floor is everything. i want it for an entryway or powder room.

  7. I’m loving the blue but I’m obsessed with it in my nest too. I just wish I could have convinced my husband to do the ceiling as well. Happy Nesting.

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