One Room Challenge | Week Three

Week Three of the One Room Challenge is on!  I’m tackling our new outdoor living spaces as an ORC guest participant–you can see the before here.  There are five furniture zones to furnish, and almost all the pieces are in or scheduled for delivery…so hopefully it will all be done by Week Six.

I’m moving on to the small decorative pieces…pillows, lanterns, pillows, and pillows!  Obsessing a little maybe, I am, on the pillows.  So far I have collected these from Target, for the loungers and fire pit sofas.  They are not outdoor specific pillows, but I plan on storing them when not in use.  Plus, if they breakdown prematurely, I can restock for next year since they are inexpensive.

These fun drippy pots are from Antiques & Beyond in Atlanta.  A little painterly nod.

I’m considering these stools, from Home Goods, for tables by the loungers.  I’m just afraid everything is going to be too patterned.  The daybed is black and white stripe, which I’m now regretting.  I wish I had stuck with the solid black I originally planned.  Ugh, lessons learned!IMG_0489The brick wall surrounding the pool received a new coat of paint this week, just to freshen up after the construction of the pool.  Chris is trucking along on the custom furniture.  He is almost done with the daybed and the buffet.  Here is a progress shot of the buffet, the sides and top:IMG_0491Inside will fit two bins to hold pool toys and pillows.  Here are the bins, getting their whitewash finish:IMG_0483The bins glide out easily on casters.  I think I’m going to love this storage solution!

Other finds in the last week, a coffee table from RH Outlet and a metal side table from Decades Antiques in Atlanta:

IMG_0492I am considering powder coating the little sculptural side table, but most likely it will stay white.  These pieces will go on the patio under the deck.  Also under the deck will be a pair of these chairs:IMG_0494I bought them at the Parker-Kennedy sale at their new Governor’s Mansion in Commerce.  I love the pill-shape detail on the back and sides–and they are vintage, too!

Meanwhile, I am hustling to get commissioned paintings finished before school lets out for the summer.  It has been a full spring!

While the spaces are nowhere near finished–no plants in pots, no table at which to dine–we are hosting our first pool get-together this weekend.  Can’t wait!  Before everyone arrives, I will need to clean all the good, Southern pollen off every single surface.  It is unstoppable.  This dusting of pollen is one week of the coffee table sitting under the deck:IMG_0495Yuck.

Anyway, there is a lot of talent out there!  Check out the featured designers and guest participants.  The amount of money and man hours spent collectively on this challenge is CRAZY!  Thank you again to Linda for hosting and House Beautiful as media sponsor!

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  1. Yours is a project I’m super excited to follow because we’re currently building a deck for our 1930 bungalow, so my next project (after the ORC) will be to design the outdoor living space. I cannot believe just how much of the furniture you guys are making yourself – that’s some talent right there! Definitely loving all the black and white elements and patterns – there’s no such thing as too much pattern!

  2. Kate Collins says:

    Those drippy pots are insane and they’ve found the perfect home with you!! Love those Target pillows too. I think all the pattern will be so pretty together and you won’t regret the stripe in the end. Also, love the pool toys storage. I need that.

  3. Swim on, swim on. Modern Atlanta tour – now MA | Atlanta Design Festival – is coming up. I’m house sitting a different place each morning if y’all get by.

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