One Room Challenge | Week Three

It’s Week Three, some may say “half way through,” but really it’s just like two weeks with the photos that need to happen.   I’m feeling a little anxious, but everyone is trucking along so I really shouldn’t worry.

Anyways, I’m so excited to stop in at the job site this week–tomorrow!  A lot has changed since last week so I can’t wait to share pics on ORC Week Four.  Until then, let’s take a look at the goodies I have been collecting for the big install.

The headboard I ordered from Chairish came in–so much good texture.
Remember the design board for the bedroom:

The wall starts to slant at the 50″ mark, following the roof line, and the headboard is a little taller than that.  So I am going to cut down the legs a bit for clearance.  I just hope the mattress still hits the curve just right.

Also in the design board above is the cheery Kate Roebuck print from the Chairish Print Shop, an ORC sponsor.  It arrived this week and the quality is so good, print and frame.  And I love the packaging so much!  Full disclosure…I also have art in the Print Shop so it was so fun to be on the receiving end of things!More good stuff for the walls arrived from Gillian Bryce Fine Art–beautifully elegant French watercolors.  This pic is from my Instagram stories…
These lovely ladies will hang in the bathroom atop this positively delightful frilly wallpaper from ORC sponsor Farrow & Ball:

Feuille is a classic blue and white pattern that is making me forget all about CrazyTown at my home.  I’m relishing doing something so different than my normal cup of highly-caffeinated tea.  The yellow velvet from Stroheim is currently at the workroom getting pinch-pleated into new drapes for the bathroom.  Oh, there will be drama!

There is one bold move I have up my sleeve and that is on the deck of the guest suite.  It arrived last week from ORC sponsor Stori Modern:

Nothing shy about this bright blue boy, the Tabloid sofa!  It’s the POP BOOM BANG that all that green of the mountain needs.  Saturated color, tightly woven, comfy cushions–thank you, Stori!  I’m also a huge fan of their Novel Collection.

Many thanks to Mike, our contractor, for keeping things moving on the job site.  Metrie trim arrives on Friday and Mohawk wood floors and the tile from Jeffery Court arrive soon after that.  And there is all kinds of goodies coming from Overstock, from a mattress to towels and bedding.  See you next week!

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Thank you, Linda, our host, for another week of motivation and to our sponsors for the goods to make the magic happen!


  1. Julie Brown says:

    Ok question… Explain to me how to order from Charish… I’ve never understood… bc I live in Jackson, MS and people from here don’t post stuff on Charish… So how do you go about ordering from another state? Can you order from another state? Is the quality really good? Do you usually bid? Sorry 100 questions!! Can’t wait till next wk!!

  2. what!!!! This is so good! I love the outdoor furniture…that blue! and the wallpaper and velvet curtain will look sensational. I want to come visit already!

  3. Veronica says:

    I can’t wait to see your space!! I love everything that you have done.
    Your life seems cool and fun. I believe is your personality

  4. Love the headboard and wallpaper you have choose, I think they will look great together!! Cannot wait to see it all finished!

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