One Room Challenge | Week Three

Last week I breezed through week two of the ORC with a mean strut of confidence, but week three found me knocked down to my knees in a puddle of self doubt and worry.  Waking up at 2am with a racing mind, that’s been me.  Decorating anxiety is real, folks.

But, I am here to report at the end of week three that I have jumped a few ORC bumps in the road.  Even though I still have one or two more puzzles to solve, maybe I’ll make it after all.  What isn’t going to happen for me is the acquisition of photography skills before this is all done.  Photos in a dark basement are not easy.  Thankfully I have a professional lined up for the reveal.

What I’m loving is the hallway mural, a snippet of the color block composition:I’m also loving the yellow chairs from the ORC sponsor, The Mine.  Shown here with the not-yet-installed wall shelf Chris built, they are a happy burst of color:Head-over-hills for the large-scale abstract painting from Susie with Minty that now hangs in the alcove hallway.  She suggested I paint the frame red, and it was a brilliant idea:

I’m not so in love, however, with the art piece for the TV lounge:
I like the composition of it, but not the color.  I first painted it in a range of neutrals but then changed my mind and painted it all white.  Wrong turn, lady.  It is way too stark against the dark blue wall.  So this is one challenge I’m currently dealing with.  It is all glued and nailed together so it will not be funtimes changing it.  Stay tuned.

In other news, Chris is moving right along in the powder room.  He has primed the walls for painting, prepped to apply picture molding, and finished building the vanity.  The countertop fabricators are on the schedule as are the paper hangers.  I decided to go with simple Absolute Black granite for the countertop and backsplash because the marbles ended up being too expensive for this bathroom and the movement in the stone conflicted too much with the Milton & King paper on the ceiling.  Black granite is pretty traditional, except!  The backsplash will be 6 feet tall and will have a cutout for the mirror.  Six feet!  I’m hoping it makes the statement I’m after.

I have painted the kitchen table top white.  Chris is also working on the new kitchen cabinet.  And, I am in the middle of painting a wall and ceiling that wasn’t originally in the plan.  Extra work, no big deal.

The fun part of this, of course, is the delivery of goodies for the space.

These items have arrived and are looking mighty fine in their new home:

floor lamp from Article

leather ottoman from Article

large floor pillow from Pom Pom at Home

ceramic stool from The Mine

Next week I’ll show you how I painted the concrete floors…I still need to get in and do the powder room floor.  To-do, to-do, so much to-do!  If you wanna, follow me on Instagram for peeks during the week.

Thank you, Linda, for another fabulous week of knockin’ it out!

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