One Room Challenge | Week One

Hi, everyone–welcome to The Painted House!  I’m so excited to share that I am participating in the One Room Challenge this fall as a featured designer.  That means over the span of six weeks I will be designing a room from top to bottom, possibly neglecting personal hygiene and my family along the way!  Actually I feel like I have a handle on this…I won’t regret saying that, right?The One Room Challenge was founded by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home, and it has become incredibly successful over the years, now in its 12th season and inspiring over 1700 room transformations!  Each Wednesday over the next few weeks, 19 other bloggers and I will be sharing our room progress in a dedicated ORC post on each of our blogs.  The final reveal is November 8…it should be a fun ride!  I’m in good company:

Before I share which space I am doing, I want to introduce myself to new readers.  My training is in painting, with a BFA from University of Houston.  However, I am wildly obsessed with interiors and architecture and anything that can be made.  I’ve had my own decorative art and design business before we had children, and then I took time off to be a stay-at-home mom, accepting special projects along the way.  Now, after several years of homeschooling, my children are in traditional school and I am focusing on my art, finally!  And, I am feathering the nest at our “new” home that we moved into 4 years ago.  I feel like the artist part of me gives the designer part of me a unique little spin.  Oh, and I like the color red.

Are you ready for some befores?  The ORC is coming to…our basement!  We’ve tried to call it something other than basement, like the lounge, but basement sticks.  And we’re not fancy enough to call it the terrace level.  Anyway, our basement is kind of the last frontier of our home that needs dekorating help.  Our guest room is in the basement, but mainly the space is my husband’s TV lounge area.  We made a good start of doing something down there, but it fizzled out and has remained a barren wasteland of leftover furniture, empty walls, the whole sad story.

In addition to the TV lounge, we are tackling the kitchenette, the half bathroom, and three hallways in the basement.  Here is the TV lounge before, when we bought the house:

The kitchenette before:The main hallway from the stairs to the basement (previous tenant’s decor):

The half bathroom:The bathroom is completely empty and has been like that for 4 years, whoops.  The other two hallways (not pictured) lead to the guest room.

I’m going to try to whip up some magic…as you can see I am dealing with a straight forward drywall box in the basement, no architectural details at all.  However, we did add some elements upon move-in to make the TV lounge cozier–I’ll show you those next week.  I’ll also show you what else we did in the space before we stalled out.  So, I do have a little head start here.  We’ll get up to speed next week.

Until then, here are some inspiration rooms I’m taking note of:

photos via

I know, right?!  I’m aiming high!  But really I’m taking these ideas and diluting them for our suburban Georgia house.  Did you see the hits of red?  YES.  The space is also taking cues from my husband’s love of music.  This is the basement so we don’t have to be quite serious here.  But I’m usually not when it comes to design.  That’s what makes it fun!

I’ll see you next week with progress shots of the room and a design board and an introduction to the talented person who will help me make this all happen…you can catch sneak peeks in the meantime on my Instagram.

Many, many thanks to Linda for inviting me to take part in this round.  Take a look at my fellow ORC dynamos:

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  1. Nice to meet you through this! So exciting for you to be able to be focusing on art again. I wish I would have studied art…instead I have a business degree :P. Your basement is going to be fabulous, can’t wait to see it come together!

  2. I’m a huge fan of your art (and your daughter’s too) so I’m super excited to see you basement transformed!

  3. wow first of all I am so jealous that you have this space. secondly your inspiration is crazy good! so dramatic! i can’t wait to see.

  4. You have a kitchen in your basement? Wow, this room is huge. Love the plan and can’t wait to see how you transform this space.

  5. LOVE the inspiration! Looks like it’ll be a fun space!

  6. So drawn to your inspiration! Definitely excited to see what you do with the space!

  7. I am SO EXICITED!!!!

  8. oh loving the bold colors and patterns as wall treatment! can’t wait to see your game plan next week!

  9. This is going to be awesome! I LOVE all of the color!

  10. feshop acc – RAW Paste Data, cvv shop.

  11. If someone showed me these inspo pics and then asked me if I wanted I would be friends with this person; I would sign up to be besties immediately. This is going to be knock out.

    (and your talent is unbelievably insane. you are most def a kicker of ass)

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