One Room Challenge | Week Four

Hey, y’all, I’m sorry that I have a lame One Room Challenge post for you this week.  I was in a car accident yesterday in which my car was totaled.  I’m fine, just a few aches, and the other people involved are fine– gratefulness all around.  But, yeah, so scary and the day didn’t go as planned, needless to say.lamp

In happier news, last Saturday evening we had four families from church over for our first official pool gathering–even though the space isn’t finished.  We couldn’t wait!  As the sun was setting, it was so nice to sit around the fire and chat while the kids played in the pool.  The new buffet/storage unit worked great for lighting and plugging in the coffeemaker for poolside service.  The faux bois lamp is one of a pair I found at a gas station years ago in the mountains.  They still had the tiered fiberglass, whipstitched lampshades and JC Penney’s tags on them.  The large lantern is from Target, as are the faux candles; and the pyramid lantern is from Pier 1.

I can’t wait to show you the whole buffet and how it works.  And, the day bed is now finished–oh my goodness, it is hard to pry me out of it once I snuggle in.  We are just awaiting the pillows that are on special order.

Other developments in the last week include the dining table and sofa delivery and stepping stones installed from our front door to the pool area.

The off-and-on rainy weather we’ve been having may delay the rest of the furniture building–so the patio under the deck may not make the deadline.  But maybe we’ll get lucky with some sunshine.  Really the only thing left for me to do is pick up plants for all the planters so the main pool area will be ready for the reveal in two short weeks!  Now if I can just get the carpenter bees to quit drilling my wood furniture and the birds to stop pooping on the pillows…the challenges of decorating outdoors!

The One Room Challenge featured designers and guest participants are all trucking along!  Thank you to Linda and House Beautiful for the event.

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  1. I’m so sorry you were in an accident but am glad everyone is ok! This outdoor space is going to be fabulous!

  2. So glad all involved in the accident are okay. I can not wait to see the patio reveal, this is the perfect time of year to take on this project.

  3. Khrystina says:

    Thank God you’re alive! This challenge is a piece of cake compared to what you could’ve been dealing with. Love your work, BTW. I’m sure you’ll churn out greatness by reveal time.

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