One Room Challenge | Week 3

This really feels like it’s happening now–with the red walls!  The One Room Challenge linking participants are now at week three of the project.  Check out all the fellow linkers at Linda’s place–we’re all working our booties off!

Since last ORC post, I painted the walls, and the trim painter starts tomorrow.  I LOVE the deep burgundy walls.  It really makes the space a destination on the top floor.  You can see that the white trim paired with this paint color dates the room to 1990s-early-2000s dining room status.  But painting the trim in the same color will modernize the color and look–I’ll show you next week!

In other news, the West Elm Parsons table came in…but I noticed it was damaged after my daughter and I put it together.  Always inspect first, note to self.  West Elm was great about issuing another table.  The blinds arrived and will go in next week after the trim painters are done.  Fabric is in for the window seat cushion–will get that to the upholsterer tomorrow.  Chris starts on the built-ins today.  Rug is in–just needs to be cut and bound.  So, all in all, we’re trucking along, toot-toot!

IMG_9308IMG_9309IMG_9318The paint store told me that this color could only be mixed in semi-gloss–hence the sheen in the photos.  They have told me this the last two times I purchased this color, once for the sleeping alcove and another for the computer nook.  So I guess I believe them, ha.  But, ugh, it’s like a bad lacquer job.  Poor man’s lacquered walls.  Every imperfection and my lack of painting skills show.

Are you following the featured designers in the ORC?  I have some favorites I am really excited about.  That is some good stuff right there!

Next week I hope to show you the ceiling on which I will paint lots of black lines.  Wish me luck!


  1. I hate to admit it but I didn’t know if I was fully on board with the burgandy walls. And I’m a red girl. But, I had faith in you. And, of course, you were right. The trim will make all the difference in the world. Thinking good thoughts for your neck this week – can’t wait to see the finished ceiling.

    • Ha, that’s okay! I’m sure I’m the odd man out with the burgundy walls–I’ve always liked being different! Thank you for the confidence. 🙂 Ceilings, here I come!

  2. I’m crazy excited about this. LOVE the red walls, and yes to painting trim to match to modernize. I actually like the gloss, but maybe that’s just me! Those chairs!!! 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! I think the walls will be a-okay once there are distractions in the room like art and furniture. Right now its the only show in town! 🙂

  3. I don’t think you can do anything wrong. Looking so good!

  4. I am not seeing any imperfections in your painting skills- so gorgeous!! Excited to check back next week!

  5. That looks great so far! The imperfections in painting that you see now will, as you note, fade into the background and never be noticed once everything is in place. Totally happened w/ our floors–my husband fretted over all the tiny imperfections in our flooring installation/finishing and I said–who cares?! Once the rugs and furniture are in (and the dog and children are having their way), you won’t see it!

    I really like built-ins–they’re the best. They saved my skin in the basement; I think if we hadn’t done them I would have seriously contemplated moving!

    Where do your kids have their toy/stuff/book storage? They may be too big for toys now (especially the eldest), but I wondered about that. My people still have lots of toys, which are basically relegated to bins on bookcases inside closets (when not strewn all over creation, ha) so I can try to fulfill the need for neat without cramping their style, but yeah: the struggle is real. 😉

  6. LOVE the burgundy walls! I’m generally not a fan of red, but lately I’ve been coming around to rich, moody burgundies so this is just perfect. It will look great with the trim painted. And those chairs! Swoon.

  7. Red wall and pink chairs. wow! Glossy walls, not the best, but your paint job is pretty awesome. The space is turning out nice!

  8. Gor-geous!! I love the walls and the little bit of sheen will keep it from being dark.

  9. Your site looks great. I continue to love your stuff!

  10. Oh, it all looks so good already!

  11. The color is so good! I can’t wait to see the trim painted, you’re right, it totally takes it to the next level!

  12. Love the flat (sisal?) rug! Where is that sources from?

    Those chairs against the burgundy walls- yum!

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