One Room Challenge | The Playroom Reveal

It’s week six of the One Room Challenge!  I’m so happy to report that the room is 99% done–we made it!  I give you this 80s-inspired playroom…

Here is the before, a room of leftovers…IMG_9302
And, the design board…www.tphblog.comThe Clarence House fabric I was waiting on for the ottoman didn’t arrive until Tuesday afternoon of this week!  I whisked it to the upholsterer and pleaded with him to get it done by the next day at noon, and he did!  Just in time for me to get photos yesterday.  The only other thing I am waiting on is the West Elm table.  For photos, we moved the chrome and glass IKEA table from the living room:

This table is where the kids do their drawing or gaming on the laptop.  It is where we did homeschool.  See that chalkboard door up there?  It conceals the closet that holds all the drawing materials, books, toys, homeschool stuff–it is still a mess.  But that closet means we don’t have to have the clutter in the room.  I LOVE that!www.tphblog.comBeside the closet is the little computer space.  The black and white drawing is one I did in college of my studio space at University of Houston.  The carnival photo is by my friend

The other side of the room has the new 15-foot window seat built by the one and only Chris (he is a do-all who has helped our family for years).  I love how it makes sense of the bump-out there.  And the little tulip table will be a fun spot for the nightly Skip-Bo matches with my

I used five Pottery Barn frames around the room filled exclusively with my children’s art.  Kids come up with the best stuff!www.tphblog.comChris also built the new TV cabinet that abuts the window

I just found that round metal industrial piece yesterday!  I saw it in the yard of a metal art shop the night before and knew it would fill that wall perfectly.www.tphblog.comI LOVE how the triangular ottoman turned out!  Chris built the base for me and then I had it upholstered–quickly, yikes–in sweet, fun Aimee from Clarence

Did you notice the walls are more matte?  Chris couldn’t stand the sheen, ha, so he took it upon himself to go to the paint store and experiment with paint mixtures until they came up with the right color/sheen combo.  And, then, he repainted the walls at the last minute.  He’s awesome!www.tphblog.comI’m so happy it isn’t a room of leftovers anymore.  It feels soft and bright, even with the red walls.  It’s happy like a playroom should be.

Many thank yous to Chris for fitting us in his schedule, Sudi for getting our pillows done on time, and the upholsterer for whipping out the ottoman and window seat cushions!  Thank you to Linda of Calling it Home for hosting the One Room Challenge for the guest participants.  It is one fun, crazy way to get a project done!


Paint | Benjamin Moore Classic Burgundy

Sofa | CB2

Stripe table | Target, custom painted

Chairs | Vintage

Chrome and glass table | IKEA

Tulip table | Vintage

Eye ball sconce | Urban Outfitters

Pillows | Custom, Designs by Sudi

Vases | Vintage, West Elm, Target

Ottoman | Custom, Clarence House Aimee fabric

White frames | Pottery Barn

White lamp | IKEA

Yellow boxes | Container Store

Shades | Blinds dot com

Ceiling decals | Walls Need Love

Art | mine and my children’s

Round metal art | vintage industrial piece

The featured designers shared their reveals yesterday–wow–did you catch them?  Beautiful rooms.  You’re in luck if you’re wanting more, check out the 200+ guest participants who are also revealing spaces today.

You can see the first five weeks here:

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Week Four | red trim and a striped table

Week Five | decals on the ceiling


  1. I love love love those burgundy walls and all the fantastic art! I would definitely love to sit and color in here.

  2. I CAN’T with you…seriously. You blow my mind. I absolutely ADORE this and as someone who is just about to dive into a playroom design, this is giving me so so so many ideas. The ceiling is amazing…I’ve always wanted to do that and there it is. And the colour…incredible. The blue velvet is maybe my favourite shade ever of all time and the triangles…just so good. You are a true visionary and I can’t tell you how much I am inspired by your work. This is truly outstanding!!!

    • You are tooooo generous, Christine–thank you! Ceiling ended up being a fun project with the decals…instead of the torture of painting it. Looks like wallpaper. xoxoxo

  3. Love! Where is the ceiling light fixture from??? I have a pendant version of this and need a flush mount!

    • Thank you!! I have no idea on that light fixture…I ordered it last minute on our house reno in 2013. Maybe Lowe’s or Home Depot? It was $50, I remember that, ha, and was white and I spray painted it black. I thought I was going to replace it in this room redo, but I ended up liking it fine. Good luck!!

  4. Melissa says:

    Good night, lady! This is just amazing. Bright and cheerful but sophisticated and dramatic all at once. And FUNCTIONAL– your house is going to be hangout central! It’s just really, really good. But I think you need a striped butterfly painting…

    • Thank you, Melissa! It is my hope that it will be the hangout zone…gotta keep my peepers on those kiddos! And, I know just where to get a striped butterfly. 😉

  5. Michelle says:

    AMAZING! Bravo, Angela! Genius!

  6. What a fun yet sophisticated playroom space. I love the play with all the angles. The taped ceiling turned out awesome and I love the triangular ottoman. Also, I can’t believe Chris repainted it – that’s dedication. It looks all around awesome!! Fantastic job per usual

    • Three cheers for Chris! It really bothered him, ha! Even came in on the weekend to do it–many thanks to his family for sharing him.

      And, thank you!!

  7. Omg, this is SO FREAKING GOOD. Like maybe my favorite of all the rooms? Including mine? LOL.

    I LOVE IT!!!!

  8. That ceiling is amazing Angela! The whole room is beyond any playroom space I’ve ever seen. You are a true designer with such creativity. It is so refreshing to see you work & your talent shine through. Your kids will love it for years to come.

    • Thank you, Holly, for such a generous comment! I had so much fun dreaming this one up. And, SO RELIEVED that I didn’t have to paint the ceiling. Decals to the rescue!

  9. I love, love it!!! This is one of my favorites for sure…I love how different it is…how simple and geometrical…..the color palette is so good and i love that huge painting of yours. Now I really need a painting too! What an amazing job. I would want to hang out here all day!!

    • Come on over!! Thank you, thank you! That’s what my husband keeps saying, “It’s so different,” ha! That is the highest compliment in my book–thanks!!

  10. Wowzers! So you, and you make burgundy look so chic. Beautiful.

  11. Looks so fun and fresh! My favorite is the ottoman. I love the triangular shape! Also, it’s so nice to have a Chris around, isn’t it?!! (And that answers my question about the toys….there’s a closet! I should have known. My kids’ toys are stored in their closets, too….well, when they’re not Everywhere Else.)

    • Thank you!! I love the ottoman, too. Literally it was finished an hour before I took photos. Chris is the best…seriously I can’t imagine our house without his handiwork. The closet is a lifesaver! It has a bookshelf inside and room enough for other “crap”, ha. We also have a big chest in the adjacent hall that has drawers full of games. I like to hide it alllll! 🙂

  12. says:

    Angela! This is truly inspiring. The way you’ve brought in color feels so deliberate and cohesive and polished, yet relaxed and fun. Your use of shape and pattern add just the right smount of pop. Tongue-in-cheek sophistication for dayssssss. I absolutely love this space. Your talent is way off-the-charts.

    • Thank you so much for thinking so…I want to be sophisticated but there is this cartoon version of me always hijacking, ha! Happy to know a hybrid can exist. 🙂 Thank you for such a thoughtful comment. xoxo

  13. You are too amazing. This room (and your whole house) is gorgeous. Wishing you and your family many happy experiences in this room.

  14. The 80’s never looked better! I scrolled at a snail’s pace through this post, soaking in every detail of each photograph. You are amazing lady!

  15. This room is SO COOL. What a fun room for your kids.

  16. I mean, just stop! It’s so good, all of it! Every detail is perfect and sophisticated yet playful. You’re just awesome. 🙂

  17. It’s “adorabell” my friend…love the red walls and that fabric on the ottoman is killing me:) Everything is perfect!

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE – The entire room is amazing I don’t even know where to begin – Perfect!!!!!!

  19. Seriously?!! This space is amazing! Love that you took a chance with the burgundy walls – it’s a stunner and magazine-ready. Also, I love love love your paintings and aesthetic. Great job!

  20. Theresa says:

    It’s so refreshing to see this beautiful unique room! Color! Art! Love it!

  21. You took risks with this space – and it totally paid off. I love it. Its sophisticated, and fun, and surprising.
    Great job!

  22. A playroom for any age! Love the vibrant wall color you chose and the awesome furniture pieces and art! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!

  23. Ashley says:

    So awesome!!! You have so many fun things going on it’s hard to pick a favorite. You are the master of the mix. I noticed your blinds are from blinds dot com. I ordered the cordless roman shades…twice…and neither time have they worked! Are yours cordless?

    • Thank you!! I did not order the cordless ones…they are traditional. And truth is, I haven’t operated them yet!! We have to put another coat of red on the windows again :/ so I was waiting to do that until I completed unraveled them. Sorry yours didn’t work out!

  24. You’ve probably read this a lot, but your room is absolutely phenomenal! I featured it today on my favorite Kid’s spaces from the ORC!!! Thank you for the inspiration!!!

  25. Coming back to this room again and again as inspiration for my own living room update. Curious where your blue velvet is from? I’m dying over that shade! Any deets appreciated. Thank you!!!

  26. Eye catching burgundy this is! I tried getting this color on my hair as I love it so much. Fun colors used in this interior <3

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