One Room Challenge–GO!

Well, it seems like a swell idea right now:  I’m jumping into the One Room Challenge as a guest participant.  Thank you to Linda of Calling It Home for organizing it!
one room challengeThe ORC starts today, and I will have an update on my room here every Thursday, leading up to the final reveal on May 12.  I’ve chosen to do our kids’ playroom and adjacent hallway.  Please don’t break up with me after you see these love-forsaken photos.
playroomThe playroom is on the upper floor with the kids’ bedrooms.  It is open to the hallway…and has every piece of leftover furniture from our last house and loft studio apartment.  The only thing I did with any thought was put up the gallery wall of all their art and a few pieces of mine.  I abhor the space.  Like, makes me want to gag.  So, it makes for a good candidate.

In the plans are a new sofa, a new rug to layer over the seagrass one, paint the walls and trim, new lighting, and a new table.  I want to paint a pattern on the ceiling…neck hurts already.

playroomThe addition that is going to take some real time is doing a built-in for the TV wall and wrap-around window seat.  I had a meeting with Chris, who is onboard, to build the unit.  This will break up the long wall.

playroomTake a moment to really eyeball that light fixture.

playroomI’m planning on extending the makeover to the adjacent hallway:  clean it up a bit, maybe add some paint.

playroomThe sleeping alcove is also in the hallway, and I want to finish it, too.

playroomI’m going for a subtle 1980s feel for the space.  Geometric shapes and bright colors, black and white pattern, maybe a Memphis nod.  I’m hoping to use the Aimee fabric from Clarence House for some upholstery.  Red will play heavily–it already covers the sleeping alcove and the interior of the hallway bookshelves.  Red, I know it’s not an interior favorite, unless you’re a dining room of yore, but I like it.  A lot.


I hope you’ll check in next Thursday when I show you my plan in more detail and update with things purchased.  I’m so happy this space will get the love a room for play deserves.


  1. What you call “love-forsaken” I call pretty fun and colorful already, but I totally understand when others may think a space is good enough and you just can’t stand it. I’m really anxious how you create the media console and windowseat–that should be fab.

    Also love the fabric choice. Reminds me of that Sonia Delauney book that so many people have.

  2. Melissa says:

    I agree with your other commenter– this would be a “finished product” for a lot of people! And while I personally despise red with the passion of a thousand hellfires:-), I LOVE that you ground your design with good bones. I am bound to steal some ideas from you and paint them blue (my favorite!). This is going to be a magical space when you are finished (which your kids probably won’t appreciate at all but your readers will!)

  3. Hannah says:

    I never thought I would see the phrase “subtle 1980s”. 😉 But of all people, you can certainly pull it off! I am ridiculously excited to see what you do!.

  4. By far the coolest playroom I’ve seen… and yet I have no doubt the new space will be cooler still. SO excited!

  5. Michelle says:

    So excited to see it all unfold!

  6. Can’t wait to see!! So glad I saw on IG that you are participating as well! We have a great group of linkers!

  7. Can’t wait to see what you do, and this means you’ll be blogging more, which I selfishly like a lot. 😉

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