New Studio Space

The sun is shining on us in the snowy Atlanta area–and this makes me so happy!  While the snow is beautiful and magical and all, it has me feeling a little inconvenienced.  I know, how dare I?  Well, it’s been four weeks now that we’ve been without a driveway or a yard–the painted house is surrounded by a mud pit.  We are waiting on fine weather to complete this exterior project–among many others inside the house.  My desire to feel settled is so strong it is trumping my desire to enjoy the snow.  Scrooge!

I wish I had more to share on the house, but I’ve had little time to nest between managing the unfinished projects, hanging with the family, and taking some rest for myself to maintain some sanity.  The nesting to-do list is taller than a 6th-grade Angela over her male classmates.  But I think next up is painting some of our existing furniture…in the new studio.

img_3735 copyphoto: Christina Wedge

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I alluded to the fact that we sold the loft studio (above) last summer.  Boo-hoo!  I tell you, I loved that place.  So many good moments there painting and with friends and family; but when we went under contract on the new house last spring that had space for a nice studio…and the kids would be in school instead of homeschooled…well, it didn’t make sense to maintain the loft as my retreat when I would have the house to myself during the day.  Come back and I’ll tell you the exciting (to us, anyway) story of how that sale went down.  It involves me in a mom-tankini in a Texas waterpark negotiating over the phone with our agent in Georgia (thankfully no photos of this moment exist).

And, I still have photos of the space to show you…from when I finished it in 2011.  Man, I have been a bad blogger.

Certainly the highlight of the loft was the feature in Atlanta magazine, written by Lisa Mowry and photographed by Christina Wedge.  Twas an awesome honor.   Christina also did some family shots of us at the loft…I need to show you those, too, because she did a fantastic job!  Bad blogger…

img_3775 copy

photo: Christina Wedge

I love this one of my daughter and me–the girl created art in this space almost as much as me.  So when I say “my studio” I really mean “our studio.”

We’ve been without studio space since July 2013.  No wonder I’ve been going almost crazy!  So, I am anxious to set up shop in the new studio here at the house.  But first I’m going to haul in furniture for painting before I gear up for any art.  And, art, goodness, that is another 5 or 500 therapy posts on that subject.  Anyone want to tell me what to do with my life when the house is done?


I think it will be a lovely place to sling some paint.

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  1. Before I can adequately address the exciting news that is a new studio space (where you and the family can create together–so fun), I HAVE GOT to just say you are so beautiful, Angela. Seriously. Don’t think I’m weird, please, because I know a person is much more than their appearance, but you are as beautiful as you are sweet and talented.

    Weirded out yet? J/K. But seriously, I can’t wait to see the in-house studio you’ll create. The lighting in there will be perfect!

  2. Whoa…love that studio space! You have everything you need now except a driveway:) I am sorry I did not get to see the studio in person:(

  3. gorgeous lady I missed that the studio was gone, but what light and beautiful space you’ve now got! when you are as creative as you are you will never run out of ideas and things to do. love the painting btw-pink house/sheep, seriously d.a.r.nit you’re good

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  7. That is a GREAT WINDOW! I want to move into the studio space–it seems so serene!

    Here’s what to do, if you haven’t done it yet: work through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. You’re at a great place in life to do it! (I think the Youngest Child has to be at least 6. So I’ve got 3 more years!)

  8. I’m sorry but the Tao of Badass just made me laugh out loud, so thank you for that. Thank you for sharing these photos of the departed loft and the new art studio. I know your new space will be fabulous. And what to do with your life?? Are you kidding?? You should paint, decorate and be the mega-threat that you are. You are a wonder!

  9. I stumbled upon your blog while brainstorming studio ideas for our next home… this is EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking! A bright, light-filled space with lots of room to share with the kids: perfect! I just read through a whole pile of your posts and and had to comment on your beautiful home, beautiful blog and beautiful YOU. I’ll be back, for sure! :)

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