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Well, hey, happy new year!  Okay, are we all done talking about this?
www.tphblog.comWe had a wonderful, cozy Christmas.  But, I tell you what, I am charged and ready to go for 2015.  It is time to get cracking on some delayed decorating around here.  I’m trying to get as much done before school ends…because of this (99% sure it’s happening)!  So, let the zhushing games begin!

It took a year for me to decide what to do, but it was worth it:  the new kitchen table!

IMG_8251 www.tphblog.comYeah, hot and sexy…you know, as all family dinner tables should be.  This fabulousness is a variation of Grey Furniture’s Line Table.  Sarah at Grey rounded the ends for a sleek silhouette.


I picked up these arm chairs from Antiques & Beyond–love the 80s vibe going down on these babies.  Pickled (I said it) wood, contemporary styling on a classic shape, they are perfect for the look I’m after.  I’ll send them to the upholsterer once I figure out drapery fabric for the big window.  The label on the bottom says Century Chair delivered to Bloomingdale’s New York, New York, 1987.  I love that.


As for the side chairs, these are on order–a nice echo of the arm chairs.  The finish is polished aluminum, but I will have them powder coated in a color pop–to be decided.

Do you see the big marshmallow sofa here?www.tphblog.comIt is a new addition in the family room, a room that is also in the process of getting some love.  Soon:  paint on the walls, hang a painting over that skinny window (to hide TV glare), pillows, drapery, rug, odds & ends–but all this depends on that blasted drapery fabric in the adjoining kitchen.  I’ll be so happy when I figure that one out!

And, then, the chandelier for the guest room arrived!  But!  Once it was here, I decided it really needed to live in my daughter’s closet.  It should be up soon, hanging beautifully between the carved doors–seriously, she has the coolest room.  In the meantime the girl chose pink for her closet walls.  I’m liking it.  I really hope I stumble upon a sculptural white lacquer dresser soon.www.tphblog.comAnyways, I have tweaked things in the guest room and feel like another fixture is needed–it is ordered and should be here in a few weeks.  So, yeah, longest 6-week challenge ever!

And, furniture is moving around the house.  I’m trying to use what I have.  Trying!  Even though I am stretching for something so different in this house than the last one.  The yellow dresser from the loft made it to the upper floor landing.www.tphblog.comFlanking the dresser, Paul McCobb chairs, that I defiled with steel balls where the wood originally was, will be painted black and receive new upholstery.  Please tell me you see the clown face in the above photo.

We moved the Mengel Module piece to the side entry.  I do think I like it there.  I safely tucked the original knobs away and tried these carved stone ones from Anthropologie.  I LOVE that tablecloth and have it hanging temporarily until I can decide if I want to frame it for this spot (I do).  www.tphblog.comI don’t usually dispense decorating advice, but a few things struck me with this post–things of which I am proud of doing.

Take it Slow | I explored a lot of options on the kitchen table throughout the year, but I didn’t rush or settle.  We had people over to eat many times on our wobbly, scuffed temporary table, and I was okay with it knowing I was being patient for the right fit.  I’m embracing this slow decorating as my ally to get things right, and this mentality feeds my patience.

Let it Go | Perfectionism.  I’m showing you spaces FAR from complete or perfect.  I’m showing you my process, whether right or wrong.  So proud am I to be at this point.

Make Peace | Does it unnerve me to see in these photos wood floors that didn’t turn out to my specifications?  Oh, yes.  And all the other details in the remodel that didn’t finish right.  This is where I give myself grace for the impossibility of managing it all perfectly in a hurried, inhospitable environment with difficult people.  And, I have to forgive.

Stay the Course | I’ve wanted to bail many times on this design challenge I’ve given myself.  There is all the second guessing, only to come back to the original heart plan.  When I’m scared, I think I should do what is easy–but that doesn’t make my pulse race with joy.  I’m trying to stay true to myself and our family, because that is where we’ll really feel at home.

Okay, guys, until next time (catch me on Instagram)!  XOXO


  1. Michelle says:

    Love your honesty and seeing all these snippets of your home!

  2. The table is beautiful and I know you will love using it!

    Slow decorating is the best way to go. Also, embracing your own principles!! Mine go something like–put real artwork with personal significance on the walls, buy furniture, rugs and floors that withstand children and a large dog easily, and enjoy it all. I don’t see my house as a continuous improvement project (although my ripped-out master bathroom shows that it is), but rather as a sort of the backdrop and vehicle for achieving the ultimate goal of domestic life: turning us all into the people God made us to be!

    And yeah, perfectionism is completely overrated!!

    I love all the glimpses. Show us more, pretty please! (I am thinking laundry area here!)

  3. i absolutely love following the progress of your home! Please know that while you might see some flaws in your home, I see beauty, a great eye, and pure artistic originality! No wonder it is taking you a while, as it should! I kinda like the pickled oak. Isn’t it almost the same thing as cerused wood?! Thanks for sharing and agreed with your advice!

  4. I needed to hear much of what you shared today, thank you for this! I wish you’d share your design thoughts a bit more. 🙂 Your patience totally pays off and even though rooms might not be finished, they look incredible because every since piece you buy is beautiful and so well thought out. I admire your restraint greatly. And it’s nice to hear how much you put into the process. Sometimes it looks like you just swing by an antique store and find incredible things and bring them home, but I know that design takes so much more time, energy, and contemplation than that. What looks effortless isn’t.

  5. Laurie says:

    Can you please spread the word to the rest of the blogosphere that perfection is overrated?! It’s so nice to see your thought process along the way, and not just professionally shot, styled-to-within-an-inch-of-their-lives rooms. And how lucky we are that someone of your design caliber has not been taken over by advertisers, magazine spreads, and books that “makeovers” have to be saved for. Please don’t change! You’re the one blog that I get excited to see pop up in my feed! Keep it coming 🙂

  6. i just adore your style! i love watching your process and seeing your stuff move around your house. i have stuff taped up on my walls all the time..refreshing to see it in your house too! and, your dining room table is amazing…really love everything Grey Furniture produces!

  7. woo! it looks awesome. taking it slow is best. but i always rush then go back and fix. ha! you are smarter.

  8. AlohaJill says:

    Your blog is so refreshingly honest and inspiring! I move slowly as well, as much to maintain a budget as to make decisions deliberately. Seeing your progress motivates me to look for special unique pieces and to have a little fun with it. That table is amazing. Love the candle stick as well (I picked up two myself for Christmas and can’t seem to put them away). Can’t wait to see what you work out for curtains! I was curious where you found your couch? I’m looking for something both slipcovered and in that exact arrangement for our family room.

  9. Loved reading this! And love what you are doing. 🙂

  10. You’re one of my girl-crushes! (Along with Jenny Komenda, Dana Miller, The Nester, etc…) I love your style and the fun you add to your design. I can totally see your home in Elle Decor or Architectural Digest any time soon! God has blessed you with an amazing eye. I bet it’s so much fun living at your house. 🙂

  11. Just stalking your old blog posts. Dying to know how you got your hands on that louis Vuitton cherry sitting on the dresser!! (unless its a knock off in which case could you still please tell me where you found it??) i desperately wanted one when i saw them years ago in the Sydney store window!

  12. Love the way your family room turned out! You have a great eye and I love your use of found objects as well as family art mixed with your own. Great ceiling, custom ottoman, etc. well done. Found you through Chrustine Dovey and that fab butterfly.

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