New Kitchen Shelves & Pendant Lights

The shelves and lights from Rejuvenation are finally up!  I love them!

Chris made the shelves out of a 2″ plank of red oak.  He left the edges fairly rough…

…but the tops smooth for easy cleaning.

Aren’t they beautiful?  I’m having fun figuring out what to put up there.  So far I’m loving the easy access of our plates and bowls on the lower shelf.

Here is a full shot of the rug from

I’m also playing with that little shelf above the stove.  Right now I have a little ornate mirror I bought at an estate sale way back in our Houston days…nothing like looking at myself while I cook.  But it is an efficient way to check my lipstick and hair status before my husband gets home from work…I’m old-fashioned like that.

Tell me, am I crazy to reconsider the crystal chandelier in here?  I like it but also feel it may take the kitchen in an opposite direction than I want.  Hmm…

I had promised the kids that as soon as the kitchen was done and cleaned up, we would bake something yummy.  They chose Lemon Coconut Cake from Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moscowitz (she’s kinda my hero).

Wanna see how it turned out?  Ugh!  Still good enough to eat…and when Daddy is out of town, we have a chunk of cake for dinner with some fruit and soysage.

This is what it really looks like when my Bundt pan isn’t being persnickety.  Yum, definitely one of my favorite desserts.  I top mine with a glaze from fresh lemon juice, vanilla, and powdered sugar.

Too bad we’ve eaten it already.


  1. Your kitchen looks beautiful!! I love how you now have so much more natural light. That cake looks good!

  2. Melanie says:

    I really, really like the wood shelves. I like the rustic tone with the navy cabinets – and the rug, and the marble, and the …….everything!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! You must be over the moon with how it’s coming together, Angela.

  4. Lazy Susie says:

    It looks fabulous. What a freaking surprise!!!!

    I’ve got the same bigger window and open shelving to the right. I put all the stuff that the kids use regularly on the bottom shelf (small plates and glasses) and the rest of our usual stuff (big plates, bowls, more small plates) on the top shelf. They use some plastic bowls a lot, but I hide those away.

    Your kitchen now has an open, focused feel. Very comfy, happy-to-see-you, but ready-to-get-down-to-business.

    I do like mirrors over the stove. I didn’t think that I would, but I do. I used to have cheap art over mine. I LOVED to gaze at it while I cooked, that lady lounging in the woods with her dreamboat while I made my 10,000th pot of soup. Right now I have nothing, due to the flames…

  5. Gorgeous….really like! I say ditch the chandy….IF you are asking. I think you need something cleaner, simpler.

    Rug is beautiful….as is the whole kit and kaboodle!

  6. I love your design choices – that kitchen is drool-worthy! Can you post more deets on how those shelves are mounted? What a great alternative to those lack ikea shelves that everyone seems to have!

  7. I think I might be obsessed with the color of your cabinets! What color is that? The whole space is amazing, the rug, the shelves, back splash. LOVE.

  8. Your kitchen is beautiful, and I love that cake too! I even modified it, and made it a BLUEBERRY coconut cake (although at the time I didn’t realize I was actually modifying a modification) –

  9. Love the shelves! And I hope you saved me a bit of cake…..:)

  10. Whoa…Angela…it is looking so good!!! WOW….. I say no decisions until you decide on the chairs…

  11. oh, girl. I am LOVING it!!!

    I never said, but I TOTALLY adore your new dining room fixture. I love chandies… but you had me at that restoration hardware wooden fixture, must say!

    you have such a great eye. and cute kids too.

  12. LOVE the new shelves. I might have asked you this already – but how does having a carpet in the kitchen work out? I tend to spill things when I cook – but maybe that’s just me…

    The cake (both versions) looked delicious and now I’m starving… and it’s so much fun to see your kids enjoying the moment 🙂

  13. Wow! Looks gorgeous! And I even liked your old kitchen. Beautiful, Angela!

  14. Peggy says:

    The kitchen looks so airy and I love an open feel. My last cake turned out like yours and I bought a new bundt pan. Good thing it doesn’t ruin the taste.

  15. Oh, your kitchen is looking so fab! I’m in love with those wooden shelves. I love the warmth they add. Beautiful! And I hear you about the chandy. I LOVE it, but I kind of think I hear what you’re saying. You’ll figure it out. You always do. 😉 And cake for dinner? That’s my kind of meal!

  16. Luv luv luv the shelves! Would you mind letting us know how they installed as I would love to do a set of shelves like this in my cottage:) Thanks so much!!

  17. Hello there 🙂

    I have a special request if you’re interested. I’ve made a birthday blog for a friend of mine – and I’m hoping everyone will stop by for a visit and help make it a success. Here’s the link if it’s something you feel like doing.


  18. Angela Wells says:

    I got a tip off America’s Test Kitchen about greasing bundt pans and it works. Melt some butter and as some flour to it. Then take a pastry brush and “brush” on the butter/flour mixture. That way it gets in all the lines of the bundt pan. I used this tip twice and the cake just fallls out.

  19. Karen Tyner says:

    Your kitchen is amazing! I loved your sharing your cake flop-makes me feel a kinship to you!!!

  20. Renae says:

    Lovin’ yo kitchen! Nope on the chandy ~). Cake-YUM!

  21. Love the bright and open feel–amazing how much brighter it is!!!!

    That is a great cake, crumbled or not. Love Isa.

  22. I’m new to your site but already have become a fan. I vote for this chandelier if you haven’t already decided 🙂

  23. Diana says:

    Pleeeeaaaase tell me how he installed those sheves!!!! I have been planning on something like this for my house.

  24. Diana says:

    Pleeeeaaaase tell me how he installed those shelves!!!! I have been planning on something like this for my house.

  25. Can you tell me the color of your kitchen cabinets?

  26. Sophie says:

    Hello! I’d also be interested in a bit more information about the shelves, is that a solid piece of wood ? And how were they mounted ? They’re gorgeous!! Thanks!

  27. I love your kitchen! We are using a similar cabinet and I love the granite you used. Can you let me know what it is?

    Thank you!

  28. Looks great! What is the paint color you used for your cabinets?

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  31. Lanny Riehle says:

    Could you please tell me the paint color and brand you used on the cabinets? This has been an ongoing project in my house, would love to finish it and share that ahhhh moment when cooking meals for my family!

  32. Hi,

    How did you guys mount the floating shelves? Did you brace behind the drwyall, tile and then drill to tile?
    Thanks for your time!

  33. Heather says:

    What color are the cabinets?

  34. Heather says:

    What paint color did you use for the cabinets?

  35. Do you know the name of the rug from esalerugs?

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