New Custom Lighting!

It took a village, but here is our new entry lighting–yellow, yellow, lemon jello–isn’t she fun?I had an idea of using these wedding-cake chandelier frames, that usually hold glass discs or glass cylinders, but use metal plates instead.  However, a chandelier frame I did not have.  Susie Q to the rescue!  Do you know Susie at MiNTY?  She sources some of the best vintage around (find her here and on Chairish).  Well, she had one of these frames available!  I cut templates out of poster board for the metal panels, and then I mailed them to my brother’s machine shop in Texas.  In no time he had the aluminum cut and back to me to be painted.  I went with a standard yellow at the local powder coating shop, Chris installed the light, and now the entry will never be the same!

Gotta love teamwork!  There have been lots of changes around here, stay tuned…

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