Master Bedroom Progress

If there is one thing our bedroom can brag about, it would be its great bones.  But that’s it.  The furniture is mismatched.  The bedside tables are inadequate.  There are no lamps by which to read in bed.  It is unfinished, that’s all.  I got as far as a rug and a bedside table sketch before homeschool resumed.  But after two years of this situation, I’m ready to get this love nest fluffed and styled.

But I have to say, even with all its furniture shortcomings, it is the best master bedroom we’ve had in our 19-year marriage.  So points scored already.

We have an amazing view out the large window that is relaxing to gaze at while in bed–always changing with the time of day.  Foggy mornings, striking sunsets.  The windows are framed in linen from Gray Line, whose swatch matched well with our Benjamin Moore White Dove paint in the rest of the house but turned out to be more cream when hung en masse.  I don’t have cream in the rest of the house so this kinda bothers me somedays.  However, I do love our walls of drapes–it is so cozy when drawn at

The sofa is a vintage find–I love its shape and upholstered feet.  Fabric still needs to be determined–but, really, I’m not entirely convinced it will go in this spot.  There really isn’t enough room between the window and the bed to put seating plus a table or ottoman or bench, and I’m not sure I like the idea of a floating sofa without some kind of furniture companion.  Everyone needs a friend.  I’ve tried two chairs here, and it was a tight squeeze with them angled.

(Sometimes when I’m typing all these furniture musings, I’m all like, what I am I doing??  People are dying out there and I’m dissecting my bedroom?  It can feel ridiculous.  Oh well, let’s carry on…)

Our bed is 10 years old.  It’s been good to us.  But it is one amorous night away of collapsing on us with a weak corner–not worth reupholstering.

I finally made a decision and ordered this bed at the end of the year:restoration hardware

It is the Grayson bed from Restoration Hardware in their indigo velvet.  I knew I wanted either the sofa or bed in blue, and doing it on the bed to have the contrast against the gray walls made sense to me.  It will be delivered sometime in March (patience, Angela).

My original thoughts for the bedside table were inspired by this check-out counter I saw at the Joe’s Jeans outlet store.

www.tphblog.comI drew my own interpretation for a one-drawer bedside table.  Pretty cool, right?FullSizeRender

But lately I’ve been so impatient I just want it ready to be delivered.  So I’ve been looking online for ready-mades.  I found these on One Kings Lane:

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 3.31.03 PM

Same idea really, but sadly they are too small for our space.

Then I thought I found the one!  This beauty by Sabin Furniture that I found at Dixon Rye here in Atlanta.  (Please visit this gorgeous store if you are in the Atlanta area.)sabin furniture

In love!  But, right before I placed the order, I realized that these cabinets with its undulating front painted white would resemble the drapery in the room.  I was devastated with this realization!  (Devastation being relative to furniture selection not tragic life events, just so we’re clear.)  With the bedside tables being the only casegoods in the room, they cannot look like the drapery–at least that is not the look I’m after.  I have shopped online and by foot for an option without success so I think custom is the way to go.  So, back to the beginning again and pursuing the drawing above.

Lamps, additional color, pillows, art/mirrors will come later.  Just ordering the bed at this point feels like a win!  I’m not sure which color/s I want to add, but I keep going back to blush or lilac.  Hmm.

Finally, here is the view from the bedroom to the bathroom.

I recently found the little slipper chair at Restoration Hardware outlet–I love its structured silhouette.  The sweet table is from Home Goods.  It has a red top that I will paint

One step at a time in this decorating process.

Bathroom paint, BM White Dove.

Bedroom paint and bathroom cabinets, BM Cumulus Cloud

Oh!  The wallpaper that is going up this week is so trippy!  I LOVE it.  I posted a peek of it on my instagram.  Hopefully next week I can show you the finished product!


  1. Gina Adamo says:

    So glad you’re back, Angela! Love seeing your artistic talents and your family. All is well in H town!

  2. Your bedroom has such great bones it probably doesn’t need much to make it feel complete. It has a very old Hollywood feel to it, particularly the bathroom. Or maybe a Nancy Meyers movie – Cameron Diaz’s house in The Holiday? Idk, but it’s beautiful 🙂 And I think that bed will fit right in. I find that I’m turning to Restoration Hardware more and more these days, especially now that they added RH Modern! They always have what I’m looking for.

    • Thank you, Laurie! Yes! RH Modern has some really great things. I was tempted by some of their beds but ultimately didn’t go that direction since they were platform.

  3. Sharyn says:

    I have the same rug in black/gray, but as a stair runner. It’s neutral, but also a showstopper!

  4. You have a dreamy master bedroom! That bed is going to look beautiful. You’ve probably tried this, but I was wondering if some end tables on either side of the sofa would work or a console table behind it with lamps on it. And waiting for what you want as far the night stands is going to be so worth it!

    • Thank you, Whitney! I do have a small round tessellated marble table on one side of the sofa right now–I do have a lamp in mind for height but it is holding place in our family room. I do like the idea of a console table and lamps except it would hinder our pretty view too much, I think. Something good will ultimately work, right? Patience for me… 🙂

  5. I really like the sofa and the upholstery!

  6. Your bedroom is so dreamy! Lately I’ve been contemplating painting our wood room a taupe color and your bedroom paneling and coffered ceilings make the draw even stronger! Such a great space and I think your custom tables would be perfect!

    • Oh, man, I love your wood room as is!! And I’m not even a man saying that, ha! 🙂 But you are making some spectacular choices so far in other rooms so I know you can’t go wrong.

  7. Well you know that when you get a blue bed you have my whole seal of approval! Love your progress and ideas! So pretty!!! Will have to come inspect soon…

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