Love Triangle

Remember the little triangular ottoman Chris made us?  I finally took it to the upholsterer to have the cover made.  Isn’t it adorable?

The upholsterer covered it in foam and made this slipcover…so we can wash it periodically after all the stinky feet have rested on it.  The ottoman sits in front of the reading chair–since it sits away from the telly.

On the side is all that remains of our wall-o-shelves.  The fabric on the ottoman is Jamboree by Grey Watkins–and, people, doesn’t it just look like we’re having a jamboree in here?  Whar’s my banjo, sis?  Sherry and I stumbled upon the sample swatch on accident–isn’t that how it happens?  I love all those watercolor dobbles that look like confetti.

Our family room is now complete–I can’t believe it!  I’ll have to show you around soon.  It is colorful and youthful and happy–the perfect place to homeschool and just be goofy together.  That shirt stripe Lounge chair and ottoman from Crate & Barrel is like having a bed in the family room–we LOVE it.  It is where we do literature and history and all around cuddling.

You will notice that most of the furniture here is slipcovered–and, I was reminded again this week that I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yep, I discovered poop smears on both the chair and sofa.  There were 5 possible culprits (three kids and two cats), but it didn’t really matter.  Who cares when I can just toss them in the washer?

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