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While the loft mainly served as my painting studio (and mommy escape, let’s be honest), we wanted to accommodate the whole family for city sleepovers and extended fieldtrips.  We reoriented an existing closet next to the front door to serve as the kids’ bunkroom. loft tourChris made a chevron door to the bunkroom, too. loft tourWe squeezed three twin beds and four storage drawers in this 9×6′ space.  Thankfully the 18′ tall ceilings offered some breathing room in what would otherwise be a tight, I’m-hyperventilating space. loft tourI cut FLOR squares for “wall-to-wall” carpet in the bunkroom. loft tourThe kids spent many hours creating their own art at the loft and spontaneously came up with the idea themselves to paper the bunkroom with their drawings.  I LOVE how it turned out, and the drawings never failed to make me laugh.  Kids are funny. loft tour

We painted one wall with chalkboard paint  and attached permanent frames that could be switched out with new art by using clips. loft tourWe sandwiched two IKEA magnet boards together in a frame for magnetic clips and magnetic architectural puzzles. loft tour loft tourThe best view was from the top bunk–great spying potential! loft tour

And, it offered a cool perspective of the lanterns and mechanical operations of the loft. loft tourThe loft tour continues:

The Loft Bedroom

The Loft Bathroom

The Loft Living & Dining

The Loft Before


  1. Wow, the bunkroom looks amazing! I LOVE that your children decorated the room with their own artwork. I’m planning on putting our boys’ playroom together this spring, so this is a great inspiration for the project. Thanks for sharing, Angela!

  2. I love how the bunkroom turned out! I took a 10′ x 7′ bar area and turned it into a room for my son, so I know exactly what you were working with. Challenging spaces are fun, fun, fun!

  3. I never got to see the finished bunk room. Love it! So colorful and full of life. What fun!!

  4. From a closet to a super-efficient, colorful, inspiring use of space.

    I love how creativity is a central part of your family life, Angela. What a great way to encourage and grow a child’s many talents and interests. I wish I was one of your kids! 🙂

  5. I want to sleep over there!! What a fun little hideout room!!

  6. I think you are brilliant and I am gonna shout it from the mountaintops. As a kiddo, I would have LOVED this tiny ,cozy, hiding-place space.

  7. oh, to be kid climbing around in that room! love the beds & love the art

  8. I just saw this on Pinterest. I especially love the stairs and the drawers. Where do you get plans for this design?

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