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It is hard to believe we bought the loft two years ago this month and I’ve barely given you the details.  I’ve been shy, but having it published in Atlanta Magazine last month does make a girl less bashful.  So how about I show you around?  Today I give you the bathroom.  This…IMG_5307

…used to look like this:


At first I thought I wanted to do fat horizontal black and white stripes, but I ultimately went with the more subtle black marble pinstripe–an airier choice.  And, sheesh, yes, that’s my toilet.  Actually, my husband has a friend who thinks women don’t poop–we’ll go with that story.


Did you see it there in the first photo?  The smokin’ neon pink sink faucet?


I was having trouble finding fixtures I liked for this bathroom, nothing seemed right; and I lamented this fact to Chris, the one-man-show who remodeled the loft.  “If you are looking for something industrial, I can put some pipes together for you.”  Okay!  The next day he brought over this copper and brass configuration.  Yes!  I loved it but didn’t love the copper with the brass.  Hmm, so I took it to my local powder coating company and asked them if they could paint the copper and mask the brass.  “Yes,ma’am,” they said quizzically as I selected neon pink from their paint chip wall.


I love it in this otherwise neutral bathroom.  However, I have traded some convenience for this look–let’s just say the ease of turning it on and off is somewhere between your modern Moen and Laura going outside with a bucket to the water pump.  Something like that.  It’s also in the shower. Next to a pre-existing yellow concrete pillar.


The sconces are Circa Lighting, found at Habitat for Humanity Restore for a steal.  I love them!  The globe pendant was $17 at an vintage store, stored in my basement for a couple years.  It doesn’t show in the photo, but it has a cool retro scallop pattern.


Chris made the oak-wrapped cabinet topped with the same black marble mosaic.  With the dark grout I don’t have to worry about stains and it was less expensive than a stone slab.  Plus it works well with the waterfall effect of the stained oak.  The knobs are from Anthropologie.


You’ve seen my toliet, so here is my vintage TP holder.  I bought this yellow and clear acrylic holder in 2008 and kept it hidden away until I found the perfect place for it…here.

IMG_5340 Chris did an amazing job on this bathroom!  I adore it to pieces.

Take the full loft tour:

The Loft Bedroom

The Loft Living & Dining

The Loft Before

The Loft Bunkroom


  1. LOVE the faucets! LOVE that pillar!!! So fabulous!

  2. Woo-hoo!!!! We finally get to see it all!!!! LOVE the bathroom–it’s sooooo Angela 🙂

  3. Oh, I’m sooooo excited for a tour!! The faucet – love it’s out-of-the-box amazingness! Can’t wait to see more!

  4. yay! So glad you shared this online! You know, I love LOVE love the details in this space. The fun details. The gutsy details. The hot pink details. They are the things of magic. Boring is so, well, boring. And you, my-cool-friend-with-teal-in-her-hair-from-time-to-time, you are not boring.
    Thank you for sharing your decorating. You inspire me.

  5. I love the bathroom – you know me and pink! I wish you and Chris lived closer. I could use the help and ideas. Another A+.

  6. Be still my beating heart! This is genius Angela, like really really genius. It is so “me”. The sconces are fabulous. But the pink, it does something to me on the inside. You know that feeling? of course you do. I think I need a loft too…

  7. Susan says:

    I would SO poop in there.

  8. The “neon pink from their paint chip wall” had been waiting for you. Did they retire it? I do like plumbing out where I can see it.

  9. I’m with Susan….but beyond that, you are a genius! The details are amazing and I can’t believe the steal on those sconces. GREAT job you two!

  10. Love it! The faucet, the wrapped counter, the tile oh where to look first. Totally inspiring-thanks for the tour

  11. So freakin’ cool. Each and every element is better than the one before it (okay, maybe not, maybe they are all freakin’ cool). And why didn’t the powder coating place think you’d go with pink? Didn’t they see your former coffee table? C’mon now.

  12. That pink faucet is just fantastic.

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