Last Weekend at Scott Market

Remember this little senorita from Scott Market in March?  Yep, the one thing I thought I couldn’t live without in the loft.  I was hoping I would be as fortunate to find such great treasures this month, so I rubbed her, uh, severed neck for good luck and set out last weekend for the hunt.


My children three had to accompany me to Scott’s.  So how does one instill a love of antiques and collectibles in a young, easily bored sweet vegan soul and create pleasant memories?

You bribe their little hineys with the promise of sweet decadent desserts from the food vendors IF they do not touch or complain or jump around like monkeys.  You people who go to Scott’s know what those cakes look like, and then one is like, “Huh? Me?  Vegan?  Not at the moment.”  And, nope, no sharing required.  Pick your own.  Whatever you like.  Let Mommy shop.  Let’s have fun.  We’ll eat our chickpea patties and rice milk and flax meal tomorrow.

And that went over swimmingly.  Guess who has good memories of Scott’s?  My three children, that’s who.  At the cost of $15 in desserts (and fruit).

The children were good, the spoils were not.  Although, I did find this great chair that will be fine and dandy in the loft studio.  It cost me all of $10.  Now I’m hunting for the perfect fun fabric in which to reupholster it.

So let’s review:  chair, $10.  Desserts, $15.  Spending time with my children while also doing something that I love, yeah, definitely priceless.  But do I want to take them again next month?  No way, Jose.  We’ll love it up at home and leave Scott’s for the big girls.

Before I wrap up this post, here is another little peek at the loft goods:

Remember the bamboo table I found on the way to eat at The Grit?  It’s primed and now waiting for me to decide what color to paint it.  And, the Bertoias are loft bound, too.

This mammoth table hails from a North Carolina Salvation Army.  I had to take it apart to fit it in my SUV so that is why the top is lopsided.  It will make a fabulous project table–still not sure what color to paint this one either.  And, by the way, I love a messy studio…it means we’ve been busy making art.

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  1. I pack up for vaca for one day and you give 4 fantastic posts?? where do I begin?
    love the furniture… can’t wait to see your choices. especially color.
    jealous of your great attitude about mess and art. working on that…. still in need of therapy.

    oh, and I think I will try hanging from the weird fluorescent lighting in the hotel parking garage…
    or maybe not. because it is underground and that freaks me out. a lot.

  2. Peggy says:

    Love the bamboo table. The desserts look good too.

  3. Reupholster the $10 chair? Noooooooooooo….

  4. i love a messy studio too! can’t wait to see what all you do with the loft, and i love all of your treasures!! :)

  5. That chair is amazing! Can you paint it? Can you? Does that sounds like a challenge? Hmmmmm. I saw an old Naugahyde chair in Ojai and it got me thinking what if…

  6. How excited to see this space take shape. Your chair is fabulous!

  7. Slip cover of strip it down… the chair will be killer. Excited to see how it turns out. I see that table in hot pink or orange. You space will be awesome.

  8. I’m so sad I missed Scott’s just for those slices {chunks} of chocolate cake! I’m proud of you for turning the vegan cheek! Lordy, the things I have drug my kids to and the ‘bribes’ I have awarded…good times…

  9. Don’t you love a place you can shop where items cost less than dessert??? When we’re in Sweden we go to big warehouses with all kinds of things second hand. They have great cinnamon rolls as well, so the pitch to him is “let’s do a real treasure hunt, you can spend X amount and we’ll have dessert”!! It works like a charm. He has his own collection of weird things from there (Swedes recycle everything!!) fruit strainers, trolls,broken clocks etc.

  10. I know you are having so much fun shopping and decorating that loft!!! Take it slow cause then it will be done and then what???

  11. Next time you go to Scott’s, I wanna go puleez…I promise to be very good!

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