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Because of my blogging break last year I failed to show you the new kitchen island lights. (But they debuted on Instagram the day of installation…that’s why you should follow me there, too!)  Didn’t Chris do a great job on this decidedly unusual set-up?  I love that it is different from the norm.  You can read about the inspiration and design process in this post.
www.tphblog.comNow I’m down to art work and shelf arrangement.  Jenny Andrews Anderson is making us two paintings to hang on either side of the big window.  Some of her irises–will be gorgeous!

www.tphblog.comThe kitchen table is chairless at the moment because I FINALLY decided on a color in which to powder coat them, and they are now at the painter.  I wasn’t shy in my selection…here you go, one of these blues:

www.tphblog.comIf I’m being completely honest with you, somedays I wish I didn’t do the mint cabinets.  And somedays I love them.   But ever since I painted the panels for the dining room, it all made sense and the mint came into its own.  I still wish I could have done a marble slab for the backsplash.  That’s why we move, right?  To get second chances?  (We’re NOT moving!)

www.tphblog.comHopefully the chairs will be back soon and I can share the brilliance (or utter horror of my color choice…time will tell).

Some thank yous:

Sixty-Fifth Avenue for posting my butterfly and Cottage and Vine, too!

The English Room for posting our dining room!

Well, I’m hoping to pick up some of my mojo I had going a couple weeks ago.  But some sick kiddos had stomach viruses and an orthodontic emergency and fractured and sprained wrists that put a halt to my creative frivolities.  Everyone is thankfully on the mend now and the studio calls!


  1. I’m ready to see it in person. Will I get to sit on those chairs?????? Please say yes. Preferably with some fabulous Vegan feast, some happy children running about…

  2. So good and the chair color from the peek looked amazing! And hold on…you’re vegan??? Why did I not know this???

  3. Amazing article. I have been looking to fully understand this and be able to apply in my home.. 😀

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