Just Happy

The new year is off to a good start around here.

The blank wall in the kitchen is no longer blank–my latest painting is dry and up!  I’m happy with it, says the girl who is never happy with it.  Small victories around here.

I don’t think that I posted the Panton chairs.  I love them and mainly for the fact that something so indestructible makes a dainty ripply ruffle around the base of the table.  A classic.  You will notice that the original 1956 crystal chandelier made it back into the dining room so we are without a table light for the moment.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the family room, newly dressed.  It is a comfy place with some new pieces and a few oldies we’ve had for years.

Color makes me happy–and the nuances of color, mmm.  Do you ponder color as much as I do?

The little blue paint splatter bowl is from Liberty of London, a souvenir from our trip last August.  We found the little blue and aqua bud vase in Sardinia.  Both made it safely home in my suitcase snuggled in skivvies.

Speaking of snuggling in skivvies, my husband had some WONDERFUL, HAPPY news to share with me today.
The PET scan he had last week–that we had to wait for since September–came back CLEAR!  I mentioned a few months ago that he had a recurrence of lymphoma that was treated with radiation at the end of summer.  But he couldn’t have the official word on if the treatment was successful until last week.  That is a lot of uneasy waiting, people.  He was diagnosed with stage-4 non-Hodgkins lymphoma five years ago, but here he is last October running the Tough Mudder 13-mile obstacle race in Austin, Texas.  He has never been in better shape.  I’m so proud of how he is staying fit.  This news makes me the happiest!  Thank you so much to those of you who have offered your prayers.  And, to my Eyes of Texas, I love you with all my heart.  I couldn’t be me without you.

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