Just Busted

This simple vignette in the home of designer Luis Bustamante was the lightbulb moment for me on how to solve an awkward space in our kitchen.

Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.24.40 AMThank you, BUSTamante, for the inspiration!


Thank you to my daughter and her friend for creating the fireworks art.

This enormous chalkboard in the kitchen has become a favorite spot for me.  I’m definitely leaning toward over-scale in this house–fewer things, but bigger.  Over-scale, ever-evolving–this chalkboard (with hidden closet–you can see a wider, in-progress shot here) was the perfect solution for this space.

And it’s a fun photo spot.www.tphblog.com


Of course I don’t keep the beautiful torso on a tiny pedestal in front of the board–she’d fall over into a heap as soon as the kids ran in the door.  My very favorite decorative piece, she stays safe and sound in the living room.  Until next post, see you on Instagram!

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  1. Ha, busted. I get it. Love the bust and your photo shoot models! 😉

  2. Torsos forever.

  3. yes! yes! yes!

  4. LOVE it. I have been trying to figure out where to put a chalkboard-wall in our house–I wanted one when we did our basement redo last year, but the walls started to get eaten up by built-ins, windows and a ginormous dry erase board (my brother-in-law owns a dry erase manufacturing company–so there you go).

    I’m not giving up hope. Maybe a wall in one of the kids’ rooms…..

    As an aside, I love these double-entendre-esque titles. Last year during our project I had a post that I named “Plastered.” I thought it was funny……

  5. You so smart – and so pretty! Love your chalk board wall and love the idea of being able to change it up whenever the mood strikes!

  6. Every family needs a regularly-scheduled photoshoot as far as I’m concerned, and you’ve made the perfect backdrop for yours!

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