Houston Ranch of Art, Part II

Did you have a chance to notice all the charming details of Susan’s house in the first post of her home tour?  Now on to part II!

The bedrooms are layers and layers of softness, and I’m pretty certain you don’t need to be asleep to have fantastical dreams in here.

When I first met Susan this bedroom was her office–with juicy red lacquered walls.  Now that she has built an office above her garage, she made this room her master bedroom.

Pink tiles and hot pink toilet seat with glitter–I’m sure she is the only one on the street with this bathroom combo.

I love these drapery panels with the 80s-esque fabric trimmed with triangle fringe.  And do you see what is hanging in the shower?  I don’t have a great photo of it, but you can get a good idea of the captive audience at bathtime:

A Lin Swanner painting watches over the guest room bed.

With a blush-colored door, metallic speckled trim, glass doorknob, and Deco-inspired wallpaper, the room is interesting even before the addition of all things of curious beauty.

The vintage box belonged to Susan as a child.

The new office addition is through the backyard.

Built above the detached garage, the office has a porch trimmed in the same aqua metalwork as the front porch.

The office has an efficiency kitchen and bath–which could easily convert into an apartment.  I love those terrazzo floors!

And we’ll end the tour with a red-flocked Jesus.

I’ve been so inspired revisiting Susan’s home.  I could truly spend hours and hours there exploring and listening to her stories.  She took a chance on me when I was a young decorative painter and starting out–and for that I’m forever grateful!  When I wanted to specialize in children’s art and design, she was willing to sit with me and answer all my questions and offer advice.  She also fielded a few phone calls from a weepy me when this newbie encountered stresses and problems in design work.  Thank you, Susan!  And your home is positively a beautiful wonderland.


  1. Prettiest metal spring chairs I’ve ever seen, must be my color. I’m afraid I did have a negative wave – a place where designer fear to tread: dust. Doesn’t Texas have bigger dust too?

  2. Wow. My head is spinning. A red-flocked Jesus? Never thought I’d see such. And, I must admit, that doll shrine in the bathroom frightens me a bit. Okay, a lot.

  3. Peggy says:

    Really pretty and she apparently shares my love for pink.

  4. Another wow, thank you again! So genuine I’m liking the mink frame (I must say Kathy with the dolls and Terry with the dust were sharing my thoughts). Your artistic eye really captured the house. I love the idea of you doing a story about ranch houses(’cause I love a ranch) but maybe you could do one about artists houses too.

  5. Bonnie says:

    how fun!

  6. Wow again! What an incredible color/texture filled home and a lovely story to go along with it. Not only is she a fun and inspirational artist, it seems that she is also a wonderful person. So happy she helped you in the beginning of your career when everything seems scary and daunting. Thanks for sharing her daring home with us!

  7. love that office space…. especially the mini-deck with a swing. I also love her patio furniture.
    once again, she SCREAMS art in every corner.
    this post inspires me to take a risk or two….

  8. Ah Angela, I love the kitchen. My kingdom for a gas stove like that!!!!!!! The colors are bright and happy. AND a comfortable place to sit outside and enjoy the sunshine!!!! This is a beautiful place.
    You are GREAT!!!! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!!
    Love ya,

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