Guest Room by Thanksgiving, Part 3

Happy Halloween, y’all!  I’m trick-or-treating tonight as Awkward, Gangly, Tall, Hairy Girl–how about you?  (I had all the dates in high school, by the way.)

If all those boy snubs could see me now!  I think they would be jealous of my husband and the stripes that I laid down for him in his basement lounge.  Maybe.  Let’s just say that hair removal is still on the payroll.

This space is officially outside of the guest room, but I’m going ahead and dropping it in here for the One Room Challenge because the door there opens up to the guest room where you can see the FINISHED(!) concrete floors, which will cure for a week or so before I move furniture back in.www.tphblog.comI took this photo above before I applied the first coat of sealer in the rest of the basement this morning.  Two more coats and I will be done with the nightmare floors here.  But I am happy with how the floors ultimately turned out: www.tphblog.comThis grey should be versatile and easy to clean–plus the mottled finish knocks back a multitude of surface imperfections.

The rug arrived yesterday:  color and pattern work.  But!  I realized after I ordered it that the bed has side rails that hit the floor the full perimeter of the bed, which means that it can’t sit half on, half off on the rug.  So this rug may go in the TV lounge.

The bed is now at the powder coating shop getting her red dress on.  I can’t wait to see it!  It was a difficult decision, but I went with the Ruby Red below.


Next up: deciding on a mural idea for the bed wall.  Abstract pattern or scene or, my weakness, a floral pattern?  I’ll play around with it next week.  I really hope to finish the mural and another piece of art before Thanksgiving…will it happen??  Don’t forget to check out the other One Room Challenge participants.  See you, until next time, on Instagram!


  1. that floor/wall combo pretty much made my day. nay, week.

    I have almost bought that trio of marble/alabaster candlesticks like about ten times.

  2. Oh man, those floors!! Sooo good! Can’t wait to see your bed in red.

  3. That floor is stellar. Both floors actually. And your grasscloth is from heaven.

  4. Good Lord…those floors are insane! Did you do those? And can we talk about that navy grasscloth wallpaper? Whoa you are making some decisions!

  5. Looks sooooo good! So fun to see it step by step. Hope your weekend is replenishing! We woke up to snow!!

  6. Oh my goodness…PLEASE tell me how you did that striped floor- it’s amazing!!!!!!!! All of this is amazing- I don’t even know what to comment on…it’s all just so good. Can’t wait to see the red bed…can’t wait to see the mural…can’t wait to see everything!

  7. Wow. I can’t decide what to say I love the most. It’s all so beautiful! I absolutely love your style!

  8. Tiffany says:

    Would you mind sharing your process for refinishing the cement floors as well as what paints you used? I need to repaint our basement floors and I’d like to do a similar look. Thanks so much! I love your house! 🙂

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