I hated triangles for years.  Can a person despise a shape?  Yes.  But hatred isn’t forever, thankfully.

I eased up last year when a mother of a boy in my son’s math club told me about the boy’s latest obsession with fractals.  Was I the last person on earth to learn about fractals?  Benoit Mandelbrot, not just another hunky mathematician, introduced the term fractal to describe the rough geometric shapes found in nature, shapes that can be divided into smaller scale replicas of the original.  I watched a video on Nova about how the incorporation of fractals changed the face of computer animation, allowing the artist to create natural looking clouds, trees, and mountains out of triangles.  Then and there Triangle and I kissed and made up.  Isn’t it just like an artist to say, “oh, pretty, you complicated math theory,” and run with it?  Thank you, Mandelbrot.

Have you noticed Triangle is enjoying a moment right now in art?  Enjoy the following:

I love this necklace from Spinthread.


Nicholas Bohac


Please check out and love the art of Amelia Layton.


Michelle Armas: artist and blogger.


And a little shopping venture yesterday yielded more three-points for my wandering eye.


Remember, kids, to buy art.

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  1. Bonnie says:

    a new way for me to view the world, thanks!! but it was the writing of that – I enjoyed the most.

  2. yes, buy art! especially by local artists! people whose faces you can recall and remember!

    fractals are cool. we watched a math video in elementary school and that was the start and end of my introduction to fractals, but the word itself has always sounded so neat. i am sure your smart little cookie son knows 15,000x more about fractals than most of the rest of the population! very neat.

  3. Peggy says:

    As a bona fide non-artist, I never gave triangles a thought. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Peggy took the words right out of my mouth. By reading your blog, I am seeing art in such a new way!

    My birthday is coming up, and I thought about hinting to my Sweet about a piece of art of some kind. Can you tell me, again, the name of that pottery studio you visited last spring…?

  5. Cheryl d says:

    This is very interesting. I have seen a lot of objects with “fractals” and never knew it. The pictures are really very beautiful to the eye and easy on the mind, no hidden meaning, just beautiful art. Thank you for passing this along.

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