Flit and Flutter | A Butterfly

Wood cut-outs have a special place in my beating heart.  I’ve written about some I’ve made (or seen) before, and I have ventured my love of ribbon painting from canvas to wood in our guest bedroom–and I’m anxious to try more!

Then the need arose within me to make a butterfly cutout–no doubt inspired by Chassie Post’s butterfly room as seen in Domino years ago on that classic Schumacher wallpaper.

I gave a little peek on my Instagram of the butterfly in progress, but now it is finally done and flitting about the house to show you some ways in which you might need a butterfly at your home.  Like above the sofa, but don’t hang it crooked like me:
www.tphblog.comAbove the fireplace:www.tphblog.com

Above a chest or console in an entry or hallway:
www.tphblog.comAbove your work desk:


Above your bed:


Okay, the bedroom was a stretch–I just propped it on the bed because it wouldn’t fit anywhere.  I better not show this pic to my daughter or she may find it hard to sleep for fear of the giant lepidopteran snuggling in on her pillows and possibly devouring her.

This one may go live above the bed at the cottage:www.tphblog.comI think this butterfly needs to be aged and distressed a bit while my husband thinks it could be brighter.  But that’s the cool thing, butterfly art can be as various as there are flutterflies.  Don’t you think you need one?  Of all the colors and shapes and patterns, there’s one for you, darlin’!  Let me know if I can make you one!


  1. Stunning! It makes me want to touch it…so realistic!

  2. Michelle says:

    Simply adore it! Absolutely love your styling of it, too! Your home and taste are fabulous.

  3. This is pretty amazing!!

  4. It’s so great! When are you going to start selling your art online? 😉 I would love a ribbon in MIlly’s room!!!

  5. Alison G says:

    Very nice. I agree with your husband it could be brighter. I would love for you to make me one. How much would one be?

  6. MrsSW says:

    Gorgeous! would also like one – in blues and yellows.


  7. Jackie Carlon says:

    Like others I’m in love with your butterfly. Could you please e mail me some prices we’re in the process of building a new home and I’d love to feature one in the entry hall it will be going against a background of Harlequin Sumi Wallpaper in Gold and white which is the poor cousin of Kelly Wearstler’s “Channels” wallpaper. It would look amazing in gold and black and one other colour I’d love to talk more about having one commissioned and if it’s within my budget. I’m not sure where you are but I’m in NSW so I’d have to take postage into consideration. Looking forward to hopefully hearing form you

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