Drayton Hall | Charleston, SC

Drayton Hall charts the top of my favorites list from our Charleston trip last November.  A plantation home preserved in its near-original 18th-century state, it has survived two wars, hurricanes, and an earthquake.

The grounds are quiet, still–just like the empty interior of the house.

The trim–chains, key, daisies, sunflowers, and dogwood blooms–and the paneling in each room wear the perfect patina that only time can produce.  Each craved leaf, petal, and shell testify to the skill of many enslaved hands.

It is an impossible feat to wrap my brain around the history this house represents, at what cost this beauty came.

But, almost three hundred years later, the delicate handiwork remains.

I closed my eyes and tried to connect with the rooms as they were newly constructed.  I’m weird like that; and, if I thought that you wouldn’t judge me, I would tell you that I think I have some sort of 6th sense about place.

The Ashley River runs behind the house.  The kids threw pebbles.

The house still remains in the Drayton family.  Our tour guide told us that they reunite on the grounds for a Thanksgiving picnic every year.

You can visit Drayton Hall’s website for an online tour.

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  1. no need to respond to my comment! But to my delight, what do I see? A chance to tell my dear friend Angela – once again – how much she inspires me.
    Oh, the song of historical architecture.
    Our home sings too. I can’t WAIT until you tell me your 6th sense about Fieldstone Hill after bringing your family here to throw pebbles in Blackberry Creek, and running around in the original 1796 homestead cabin….

  2. Rocking closeups.

  3. comments ON! YES! You are so awesome. Everytime I look at your blog I want to tell you. And I totally understand the 6th sense thing – no judgement here. we are such kindred spirits. is this a weird comment? oops. have a great day! :)

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