Cut It Out

These aquatic beauties charmed me at Su Gologone last summer.  They hang on a garden wall by the pool.


I have to say that I am a sucker for wood cutouts.  As far as 2-dimensional art goes, a painting is great and all, but when you want to get all kooky and such, cutting out a shape (other than a square or rectangle, of course) is just the stuff for something different.  I’m guessing the appeal to me is the resemblance to signage.  Maybe?

What would my studio be without Judy above the sofa?  She wouldn’t be the same on a 4×4′ canvas, right?  I love her.


In the home studio, the raw wood cloud cutouts offer a negative effect.


I took the clouds to the loft studio in December for the Atlanta Magazine photo shoot in case we wanted to use them…now I don’t want them to leave.  But I also miss them at home.  I guess I need to cut some more.


Cutouts are also easy and fun for parties.  I did these for our kids’ joint farm party almost 6 years ago–while I was 7 months pregnant, oh man.  Sometimes I get a wild hair.


Very, very pregnant and swollen.  The two cows…


Last summer I enlisted the help of the two older kiddos to paint the cutout for my son’s Summer Olympics birthday party (a super fun theme with lots of possibilities, by the way).  They had fun decorating it…


…and it turned out to be a cute board for our rocket-launch shot put competition.  I think it is easy for us as mothers to want to fine tune party decorations ourselves (read:  be total bossy OCD perfectionistic dictators, ahem, I know from experience), but the truth is that the kids love being involved, take pride in their work, and love knowing their work is “nice enough” to be used.IMG_0902

And this one goes waaaaay back 9 years to my son’s Hawaiian 1st birthday party–a photo taken after everyone had eaten (sorry).  The little roast pig was attached to a box that was filled with pigs-in-a-blanket–cuter and much more appetizing than a real roasted pig, eww.


You know I love me some retro.  The images in these circle cutouts are from a vintage children’s church songbook–on a fun re-do I worked on at our church 7 years ago.jesus

Wood cutouts were actually a popular item when I had my little art & design business for children way back when.  Those were always fun for me–goodtimes.

Well, I hope you all have a fun weekend!  I have finally wandered into Downton Abbey–finished the first season this week, yes.  So hopefully I will partake a bit of season two this weekend.  Yep, you all were right:  it’s soooo good.


  1. Peggy says:

    I always enjoy seeing new art (and old) by you and the kids. I don’t know where you got your talent, But I know where the kids got theirs!

  2. Bravo from 24/7 cutout fan. A favorite from Nick Madden over the weekend:

  3. Susan says:

    There is something so soothing about those wood clouds. Who woulda thought?

  4. Hi! Love the clouds! Can you tell me the tool you use for all of your wood cutouts? Thanks so much. The clouds look perfect in your studio. xo

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