Cottage Bedroom Redo | Before

Hi, all!  The redecorating of the cottage master bedroom is trucking along.  I’ve decided on fabrics, ordered a new bed, started new art, and narrowed down my rug choices.  If you are new here, the cottage is our little place in the mountains where we can breathe the fresh air, hike, and enjoy the Asheville scene.  We also operate it as a vacation rental so lots of people can love the place like we do.  It’s all kinds of charming–in fact, it was featured in Cottages & Bungalows in October 2011 (so exciting!).

Anyway, the master bedroom is the one space I was never happy with after the big renovation.  And, since we are approaching our fifth rental season, I figured it was time to update and love the room this time around.  First, here is the entry to the master bedroom–I still adore our vintage sliding door!IMG_3062

Now the befores.  I’ll let the photos do the talking.


The wall opposite the window from the TV has never been photographed…because I’ve never liked it.  It has been hard to find something to balance that characterless black hole (I’ll admit, I like watching TV in bed here with hubby).  But I think I’ve got it figured out with the gold frames I recently purchased at Pottery Barn Outlet that I will hang in a four-pane grid.  I’m working on art for those frames.  There is also a chair in that corner that I will replace.



The adjoining bath will mainly get two new paintings–one above the tub and one above the toilet.  I’ll probably also get a few new accessories for the vanity.


There is a lot to keep in mind while designing for a vacation rental–while I want the furnishing to be homey, comfortable, and stylish, the pieces also have to be mucho durable and cleanable.  There are very few upholstered pieces that aren’t slipcovered.  All decorative pillow covers must be machine washable.  Furniture finishes must be hard-wearing–hence all our distressed case goods and tables.  All these qualities keep the home fresh while also projecting the idea that everything can be cleaned so make yerself at home and don’t stress about ruining anything.  There is so much I can say on the subject and will mull over a little blog series at some point.

Want to read more about the cottage?  I wrote a five-day series on the Best of the Cottage.  And you can take the full tour that I posted in 2009, fresh off our renovation (some things have changed since these photos).

The exterior

The living room and kitchen

The master bedroom

The downstairs living room

The second bedroom

The bunkroom

I’ll follow up soon with the new items for the room.


And, THANK YOU to you all for hanging with me on the Joss & Main fun last week.  Thank you to you all who helped spread the word.  The whole experience was a super treat, AND it benefits a worthy cause.  Thank you!

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  1. Susan says:

    Five years already??? I can’t believe it!

  2. why didn’t I know you had this place? we were just in asheville; I love it there. do you know tryon, nc? that’s my hometown. anyway, I constantly drag my husband to asheville to go to the tobacco barn and screen door antiques and he smiles and plays along…

  3. That really is such a beautiful room! I can’t wait to see the bed. I heart that ceiling…..

  4. pretty much can’t WAIT!

  5. Love your home. I too live in a 120 year old home and love it.

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