Coffee Table Goes: Neon & to a New Home

Remember this coffee table from our living room?

It is a little Platneresque piece I picked up in Asheville.  I really loved it with the curved sofa, but then I moved the sofa into the dining room and paired the new living room sofa with a gilded coffee table I rescued from inside a barn.  The adventures I find myself in…

So the round coffee table made itself to the loft–only after I had it powdercoated in NEON PINK.  Yeah, that’s right.

Turns out the table is too big for the space.  And really, there is too much pink already in the loft.  Hold up, is there such a thing as too much pink?

Well, my pal Ally agreed.  And it wasn’t long before she and I were loading that neon goodness in her car.  And don’t you know that the table looks perfect in her family room!  Go take a look.


Too much pink in the loft?  How would we know, you say, you don’t show us any photos.  True.  I’m working on getting braver about showing photos.

And, another tip in that direction would be that I just spent five wonderful days there working on the space and–are you ready–painting!  So I finished a lot of needed projects there and got myself all warmed up for painting.  It’s a scary process, you know.  But, I’m so proud of myself for being gentle and reasonable about what I could expect from me–makes a world of difference.  Perfectionists aren’t easy on themselves, but I’m learning.  And so it was a fine stay at the studio, and the family is all back together again as it should be.  Just some moments from my stay:

Anyone else addicted to fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice?  It has become my coffee in the morning.  Tastes especially good from vintage Georges Briard glasses.


Also, I came home to the delivered new rug for the kitchen.  And, darn, the colors are not the same as the photo.  There is significant red.  So I’m deciding whether it goes back or not.  Anyway, I’ll show some pics soon of the kitchen progress soon.

Enjoy the week…and be easy on yourselves!


  1. Girl come and pick some grapefruit off my tree. That is all…except I still love that living room and the coffee table is inspiring me to take a risk. It does look pretty darn cool in that pink…sorry it didn’t work.

  2. Lazy Susie says:

    When Ally is done with that coffee table, I will paint it orange and put it in my living room. It will be perfect!

  3. I sense nagging rug doubt. I’m having nagging rug doubt about your nagging rug doubt. So if it’s not what you really want, we’re behind you all the way. Of course you can probably…

  4. Peggy says:

    You know me and pink, I love the new paint on the coffee table! It looks so fresh. Happy you got some painting time!

  5. I love grapefruit juice and my daughter. That table would have looked great in my loving room, minus a pink top. Lol. I had looked allover for a round table, but settled for an oval.

  6. loved every minute of this glorious post… until!
    OH NO!
    another rug debacle!

    my vote? send it back if you can!!!!!

    that snippet of your your art made me smile from ear to ear. I love how you evoke the feel of fabric from just a few strokes. It is one of the things I love most about your art: the feel of fabric!

  7. I LOVE that powdercoated pink!!! Too fun. It gave me some ideas on how to revitalize a couple items for our little girl’s room or our (not-yet-renovated) schoolroom. My husband is building a machine in his spare time, and it will need to be powdercoated–please, don’t ask!–and I may be sending a few of my things to the paint place with The Machine. Great idea.

    It really is so neon-y. I like. And I do want to see more photos of this elusive loft!

  8. That Ally….we traded chairs and now she has your coffee table!!! Who knew…..sounds like you had some nice “Angela” time during your five days at the loft. Can’t wait to see your new paintings!

  9. Oooh love your blog!! cool interiors!! i´ll come back for sure!!! 🙂

  10. Erin H says:

    I’m officially obsessed with that coffee table and have to have it. Do you have any information on it to see if I can’t snag me one for my home?

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