Christmas at The Painted House

I dedicate this Christmas to sticks that sacrificed a sweet life inside a gooey fudgsicle to make our Christmas just a little more crafty.

Remember the homemade wrapping paper I painted last week with popsicle sticks?  I think it turned out so fun!

The paint-smeared wrapping paper from Anthropologie inspired me to make my own coordinating papers.  It was a fine way to spend an afternoon.  I also painted orange stripes on an edge of my old canvas drop cloth, cut it into strips, and used the strips for ribbons.  And, I’m just a smitten kitten with that masking tape bow on the blue package.  (The masking tape was left over from making tape leaves on the tree above–Nester posted the tutorial.  I spray painted my branches gold for a little gah-litz.)

I don’t do tons of Christmas decorating.  A little natural leaves and boughs here and there.  However, the kids and I spent two whole days making popsicle snowflakes.  The one in the dining room almost looks like off-kilter fretwork on the cabinet doors.

The red in the kitchen makes me so happy.  The candlesticks are just those dollar brass ones you find at thrift stores, painted varying shades of red and orange.  I had a mind to collect a whole bevy of those and do en masse.  Wouldn’t that rock a table top?

The little red DeLonghi coffeemaker was a back-to-school gift for Mommy this year…and then guess who became a slave to caffeine mid-semester?  After a Joancrawfordmommydearest week of detox, it only brews decaf now.  I love my 5-year-old’s snowflake abstract in red.

Girl, those socks are tacky!  Imagine the ugly Christmas sweater she’d wear if she only had a torso.  “All I want for Christmas is my torso and head, my torso and head, my torso and head…”

More snowflakes…a wee bit obsessed…

It should be mentioned that it is the kitties first Christmas, and I had forgotten what it is like to gift wrap with cats around.

But before Christmas decorating can begin, one very much anticipated event must occur:  finding the tree.

Hot drinks, toffee, and cookies–sounds like breakfast!

Surely the perfect tree is here…

…found it!

Me likey my lumberjack.

We left with two trees because the cottage can’t be left out.

I couldn’t bear to get rid of these beautiful pumpkins leftover from our fall decorating at the cottage, so I just threw some evergreen boughs and magnolia branches around them and called it Christmas.  I’ll have to show you soon what we did with the other 37 pumpkins…

There are more photos of the cottage at Christmas in the post I did two years ago, if you’re interested.

Well, now it’s a week left to go!  I’m almost ready.  Here’s wishing you the merriest!

(Three more things: thank you to Nester at Nesting Place for hosting the Christmas Tour of Homes–I’ve linked up!  And, thank you for the new likes on The Painted House Facebook page…I’m activity on there again as TPH behind-the-scenes (you can like me if you wanna).  Finally, come back this week for my next post: a vintage Christmas home tour!)

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