This little bottle perked me up on a recent trip to Walmart.  Don’t we all need to be reminded of rainbows and cheer whilst navigating the congested aisles of the W?

Anyway, the colorful bottle prompted me to daydream about buying happiness in a bottle because, I’ll be honest with you, I’ve kind of sulked into 2012.  A funk, if you will.

There were two days last week when I optimistically donned my paint clothes in the morning, hoping to accomplish a little something in the home studio through the course of the day.  Nothing.  I think by the end of day two I was crying, “I just want to paint!”  Real tears.

So I have to say that this last weekend was like gulping down a full bottle of Cheer–wait!  But this wasn’t “HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED.”  This gulp put a spring in my step–a mommy and daddy only weekend.  AND we went to my new favorite restaurant where they remembered us–isn’t that a good feeling–and the chef offered to make us our favorite dish…that wasn’t on the menu (Alan & Jason, you guys rock!).  The day couldn’t have been better.


What is cheering you today?

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  1. those cheer bottles look great! although I am grumpy at my local W – one of the associates asked me to leave the store for [trying to] take a cell pic of the microwave we were thinking of buying. =/

  2. I’m over-the-moon happy because an article that I wrote was instantly accepted. They really do like me!!!! It’s just online, so no big deal, but it feels great!

  3. those bottles remind me of your flor rugs!

    you bring me cheer!

    hugs, friend!

  4. Oh dear Asheville! How I miss thee! And how I wish we had a fabulous vegan restaurant like that in my neck of the woods. We’ve got some great local restaurants, but they are heavy on the meaty, dairy-y dishes….to have an ENTIRE MENU to choose from just seems like the height of luxury.

    Glad you got some cheer!

  5. Hmmm I’m seeing a pattern here between your graphics and your church post. I bet we’ll see a little something of it on a canvas (well you don’t have to share, too much pressure sometimes). It can be hard to get started but just get in there and throw some color around.

  6. Family, friends, books bring me daily cheer. Does it help knowing you cheer me?

  7. You made me laugh when you said you “sulked your way in 2012”. What an image! And I get that! It has been a not wonderful month. Not horrible, just I can’t get myself in gear.

    Waaaaah! I want to paint, too. But I’m dealing with the sins of my disorganization. I’ll get there. :-)

  8. Angela, when you said you where in tears because you “just want to paint” I laughed because I have been feeling the same feelings lately. There are so many “creative projects” floating around in my head and ZERO time for them. So sad. Sigh.

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