Charleston, South Carolina | Thankful

It took only 7 years of living in the Southeast to make it to Charleston, South Carolina.  When I told our friends and neighbors here that we were headed there for Thanksgiving, everyone vowed that I would love, love, LOVE it.  They were right!

Crisp, clear weather made it a perfect place to be whilst feeling thankful for our blessings…though not the perfect place to have a fake Thanksgiving dinner if a person prefers to eat vegan, but we managed.  Some Vegan with a Vengeance pumpkin muffins and Tofurkey sandwiches for the car trip at least started the trip right in my book before we entered praline central.  Y’all, do you know they hand out samples for those sinfully good candies all day long?  My kids soon knew where each outpost was in the city, and we’ve been singing, “Praline Samples!” ever since.  Anyway…

A Thanksgiving sweater for everyone!

Tops on my blessings list are these four peeps:

If I can have all these guys and gal healthy and happy, my world is good.  And exploring a new place together makes my world even better.

The Circular Church Cemetery

Charleston possesses the trifecta of deal clinchers for me when it comes to ideal destinations:  killer architecture, riveting history, and bucketsful of charm.

We mainly did a broad overview of the city–drove around The Citadel, College of Charleston, and Murray Boulevard to gawk at the waterfront houses.  We toured the Old Slave Mart Museum–unfathomable–and the Old Exchange Building & Provost Dungeon. 

The Dungeon

I met this cutie in uniform at the Old Exchange Building…we compared boots.

We walked all the way to the dock to take a cruise to Fort Sumter only to discover it was sold out.

We walked a lot.  But despite the look of fatigue on my daughter’s face, she exclaimed one night while walking past the shops on King Street, “I LOVE walking in the city!”  Girl, you and I are going to get along together all right.

There was also a history carriage ride…that didn’t end well.  Using poor judgment, I downed a soda before climbing up into the carriage only to be suffering with the dire need to pee midway through the ride.  As the carriage driver, dropping his voice to a whisper, finished a dramatic story of murders and hangings and ghosts, we emerged from a residential area into a commercial one with public restrooms.  I shot up my hand, and the driver asked, “Yes, ma’am?” to what he thought, I’m sure, what a curious, intelligent question to his creepy ghost story.  “I’ve got to go to the restroom really badly–I’ve waited as long as I could!”  At that, the five of us slunk off the carriage, leaving the remainder on board to enjoy the rest of the ride.  Kind of embarrassing, but not as embarrassing as peeing my pants, so what could I do?

Carriage ride of torture

My husband humored us at night with Pic Stitch on our photos–we’re easily amused.  Looks like I might need to get my son to an eye doctor.  Patch me!  I did say “stuff it with stuff” at one point on our trip–an inarticulate moment that my family isn’t letting me forget.

Two of the three kids totally have their mouths stuffed with “Praline Samples!”

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, too.  Thank you for joining me here on The Painted House!

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